Celebrity Artists to Follow On Instagram
May 5, 2021

Instagram is one of the most used social media websites with almost billions of daily visits. Gone are the days when Instagram was only used by common people and just for uploading photographs. Now, Instagram is becoming a favorite social media platform for many celebrities to flaunt their art. There are many artists who have carried their future forward only because of Instagram.

Artists are using this social media platform to spread their work because the audience present here is very responsive and supportive. If you are searching for a list of celebrities that you can follow on Instagram, then this article is for you. We will be bringing out some of the renowned celeb artists that you can follow on Instagram.

You cannot deny the fact that some artists have become so famous with the help of Instagram that they are ruling over audience hearts now. Big bands and famous celebrities are investing so much time and money on Instagram to increase their fame value.

They are ranking up the followers by the millions with the help of this popular photo and video sharing application. Although for some people, Instagram is a place to create an album of photos of their entire lives, for some people, it is all about celebrities.

Fans are mad about these celebs and that is the reason we are bringing you this article. There are some celebrities that post occasionally, but some celebrities post each and every activity of their whole day on this social media platform. This is becoming a great way to connect with their fans and audience.

These artists and celebrities are paving their way ahead of becoming more famous through this platform. So, without taking much of your time, here in the next section we will be listing some celebrity artists that you can follow on Instagram.

List of artists that you can follow on Instagram.

This section will cover 12 celebrities that are very desirable and worth presenting in this list. Let’s start.

1. Snoop Dog

This American Rapper, the singer is creating some new records on Instagram. Snoop Dogg is one of those types of artists that will be completely dominant over your home feed if you follow them.

So, be prepared before you follow him. Well, you will be amazed if you will hear this fact that he can post over 25 times a day. His count of posts has crossed the 10K mark and I don’t think he will stop this soon.

But people are enjoying his feed and seem to really like his posts because he has almost 50 million followers. Snoop Dog is a meme lover and shares those funny memes on his Instagram feed. So, if you are a meme lover, you won’t regret the following Snoop Dogg.

2. Miley Cyrus

Here comes the queen on Instagram – Miley Cyrus. She is an American songwriter, singer, and actress. She is more famous as a songwriter and singer as she has a unique raspy mesmerizing voice.

Some famous albums of Miley Cyrus are Plastic hearts and Younger now. If you are a music lover and art lover, then you must follow Miley Cyrus on her Instagram account. She usually posts photos of her photoshoot in various outfits. These pretty racy and sexy photos will make your home feed exciting and amazing.

She is also available for promotion (not sure) as she shares some random screenshots on her Instagram stories. She doesn’t post like Snoop Dogg, but she never misses two days without posting and interacting with her fans. Her one photo in which she was wearing Velvet Shawl has gone very much viral on Instagram. She has over 115 million followers on Instagram.

3.     Nicki Minaj

If you want some hotness in your feed, then you must follow this Trinidadian-born rapper! She is a rapper, singer, television personality, actress, and songwriter, thus your feed will be full of these themes all around.

Her full name is Onika Tanya Maraj and has done some famous TV shows like Ice Age, The Next Cut, and Continental Drift. She is a very famous personality in her country and if you love her songs and movies, then why don’t you go follow her on her Instagram account. She usually posts something every few days and never misses a chance to interact with her fans.

4.     The Rock

Who is not aware of this famous rocky bodybuilder and actor? I guess everyone is. Dwayne Johnson, typically famous by the name “The Rock” is a Hollywood actor and his full name is Dwayne Douglas Johnson.

He is an American producer, actor, bodybuilder, professional wrestler, and former American and Canadian football player. Well, he is one of the most followed personalities in the world with over 232 million followers. He is not a celebrity who posts normal plain photos, instead; he posts all his muscle photos during gym time, and his feed is full of video posts.

He is the highest-paid actor and his major source of income is Instagram as he charges a very high price for every promotion. He almost remains active daily on Instagram and posts every single day and sometimes 2-3 times a day. His net worth is about US $400 million.

5.     Drake

Drake is a Canadian singer, songwriter, rapper, producer and entrepreneur, and someone worth following on Instagram. He is one of the great engagers when it comes to entertaining his audience.

He is best known for popularizing the Toronto sound, which you people enjoy nowadays. He posts several photos in one go and you will be finding him cute if you start judging his posts. In most of the Instagram posts, he spotlights himself and the rest of the photos of people to whom he admires himself. He is a great entertainer through social media also and you will not regret it if you give him a follow.

6.     Jessica Alba

She is one of the most beautiful actresses Hollywood has given to the world. She is a really great actress and a successful businesswoman. You will be amazed if you get to know that she started her television career at the age of 13 in Camp Nowhere.

She got a boost at the age of 19 when she filmed the television series, Dark Angel, in which she was the lead actress. She is living an absolutely luxurious and gorgeous life with her family – as from her Instagram feed. There is a lot of fun watching her feed because there is a perfect blend of sexiness, cuteness, and amazingness in her photos which is good for uplifting the mood.

She sometimes also posts quotes and some popular sayings on her Instagram account. You ought to follow her if you are a fan of art and acting. She is also a nominee of Golden Globe.


7.  Ariana Grande

Oh, someone hot on the list. Ariana Grande is one of the most loved actresses around the world with over 232 million followers on Instagram. Her recent post is about mental health in which she is trying to interact with the people around her. Almost in every next photo you will find is admiring her beauty and acting skills.

She is an American singer and has received many accolades and trophies throughout her whole career. She has also won 2 Grammy awards, two Billboard Awards, One Brit Award, and three American Music Awards with 22 Guinness records. She was born on 26 June 1993. She has somewhat exactly equal followers as The Rock has on Instagram.

If you go to her feed, you will find that it is very artistically woven and managed with great mind and conception. She has her own posting style which is kind of mysterious. She is in love with those black and white filters in soft colors. She posts one or two photos every two days or so.

8.     Sean Combs

Sean Combs who is more famous by his stage name Puff Diddy is one of the most loved rappers in America. He has about 17.7 million followers on his Instagram account but almost 13.7 K posts.

This signifies that he will completely dominate your home feed with his photos. He almost posts 3-4 photos daily and most of them are videos from his workplace or from the place he might be enjoying. His followers are increasing speedily and are a great engager with the audience. His feeds include his own photos, quotes, videos, family photos, and other random videos.

He is also an entrepreneur. Be careful about his posting speed as he can also post 20 photos in 2 hours, but you will enjoy all of his photos if you are his great fan.

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9.     Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is one of the cutest face actresses in Hollywood. She is an American media personality, businesswoman, producer, socialite, and a great actress. She was born on 21 October 1980 and is one of the most engaging personalities on social media.

She has about 218 followers on Instagram and about 5498 photos. Her photos are about her entire day, playing golf videos, selling some items, flaunting her sexy body, and her beach party.

She is really a great entertainer and thus people are loving her so much. She is hugely active on Instagram and posts almost daily. Her total net worth is about 100 crores and you won’t regret it if you follow her.

10. Priyanka Chopra

Here comes the Indian Queen. She is one of the finest Bollywood and Hollywood actresses. She is more famous for her beautiful looks and her amazing movies like Padmavat and other such movies.

She recently got married to Nick Jonas (a Hollywood actor). She is one of the finest Indian actress, film producer, singer and had been Miss World in the year 2000. She is one of the highest-paid Indian actresses and a great entertainer. She has about 62.9 followers on Instagram with about 3,359 posts. Her posts are a combination of videos, photos, and reels in which she is helping people in need.

She really provides great content and you have to follow her if you are an art lover. Her one photograph in which she was wearing Cuff Bracelet with Stone Ends has gone very much viral on Instagram.

11. Daniel Arsham

He is a great entertainer with his artwork. He combines art, design, architecture, and his talent to create great content for his followers. He is currently growing and will be an established influencer in the future. The heavy dose of surrealism that is added to his posts makes him more amazing. Most of the posts are from his Brooklyn studio and from his studio. You will find great content, so do follow him on his Instagram account.

12. Andrea Zittel

She is a great influencer with her posts and is highly growing on her social media account. She is currently doing research on a highly photogenic creative retreat in Joshua Tree. She is currently staying in California and food; clothing is all parts of her mission. Follow her for amazing content.

So, these were some of the celebrity artists that you can follow on Instagram. These celebrities are worth following and they all are great entertainers. So, comment down your favorite celeb artist from the given list.

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