April 23, 2021

So, are you losing patience with link building? Don’t worry; you are not alone. Nothing in SEO works instantly. You need to give it time, patience, and hard work. Some strategies that might have worked well for others may not necessarily show decent results for you.

When you find yourself in such a situation, you are often tempted to invest in software that is designed to cut corners. But remember that SEO is not meant to be rushed and if you think your strategies are stalling, take time to reassess and restart from scratch.

What Are Backlinks, And Why Check Backlinks?

So, let’s start with the basics; what is a backlink?  Backlinks, also known as incoming or inbound links, are links created on other domains that point towards your websites. Typically, a site will perform better if it has a good number of backlinks. The higher the quality of your backlinks is, the higher are the chances to rank better on the search list.

How? Search engines see each backlink as a type of recommendation. So, they give preference to websites with higher recommendations. Google and other search engines would consider you a trusted website and would eventually bring you to the higher rankings.

But it is more important to focus on quality backlink building strategy than the number of links. You should target websites whose domain authority is equal to or higher than your page. If your site has too many low-quality backlinks, it will affect your search engine’s ranking negatively. In simpler words, it is better to have five backlinks from a quality website than to have fifty backlinks from spammy domains.

This is why the need to check backlinks has arisen. Website owners want to make sure that the backlinks to their site have value. You can use backlink checker tools available in the market to monitor and check the website’s links. Google Analytics is one of them and is the most trusted backlink checker tool in the market today.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is an incredible tool to track backlinks, check a website’s data, and monitor its performance against various metrics and competitors. This tool has become a crucial tool for online marketers who use it regularly. So, here is a brief breakdown of its benefits.

  • Easy to Access and Use

Google Analytics is a free tool that anyone can use by creating an account. This standalone platform is packed with amazing features that you would hardly find in other backlink checker tools. This is a web-based software that does not require any installation. You neither need an expert to understand nor integrate it into your marketing ecosystem. You can look at it the entire day and check backlinks conveniently.

  • Comprehensive and Extensive

Google Analytics can help you track almost every crucial aspect of your website. The features other than checking backlinks include content page views per second, conversions, and many more.

  • Check Backlinks Like a Breeze.

Lastly, Google Analytics consolidates all your essential website’s data and presents it as a single visual dashboard. In this dashboard, you can also view all backlinks to any page on your website, making it easy to check the status of all your links.

How to Check Backlinks Using Google Analytics?

Checking backlinks on Google Analytics is a simple and easy process. The software will take you to the backlink report, where you can find referral reports. This is where you can view all the information concerning the backlink.

The program also offers advanced techniques to search for backlinks. You can add new audience segments that help to view the breakdown of a variety of visitor types that access the website by the use of backlinks. The generated report can also be stored and saved.

Primary dimensions can be used to have a look at how landing pages are receiving backlinks and what the sources are.

What Are Other Popular Tools to Check Backlinks?

When it comes to tracking backlinks, nothing can beat Google Analytics. However, it is always a good idea to keep a few more tools by your side for in-depth analysis. Other tools may cover some of the aspects that Google Analytics might fail. Here are some more amazing tools you can have your hands on.

SearchEngineReports: is a simple yet powerful Backlink Checker that allows you to check one domain at a time. This free backlink tracker analyzes your domain and gets all the websites that are linking back to you. This website utility also offers various other tools like domain authority checker, SEO checker, backlink maker, and more.

Majestic SEO: You can use Majestic SEO to check backlinks pointing to your domain or that of competitors. The results are accurate, and you can access additional information on a paid subscription.

Ahrefs: Ahrefs offers a detailed analysis like that of Google Analytics. Although it is a paid tool, there is no harm in paying a little extra to get a deeper insight into your website’s performance.

Final Words

The aforementioned information will help you in getting familiar with the significance of backlinks. The mentioned tools will also serve you in checking the quality of backlinks without going through any hassle.

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