January 20, 2022

Google Shopping advertising has arrived in almost every country during 2019, and the first advertising campaigns are taking over the best places in search engine results. Are you an eCommerce marketer or do you do eCommerce marketing? You should definitely check out this form of advertising as it will change your product marketing in the search engine.

Google is developing its services and changes have taken place in Google Ads advertising in recent years, e.g. ad character counts, ad formats (expanded text ads, dynamic text ads), and the appearance of ads is constantly evolving towards the look of organic search results, e.g. The text “advertising” has shrunk and in the past, the background of the whole ad was different in colour and distinctive. Google Shopping advertising, which has now arrived in almost every country around the globe, changes the view of search engine results considerably and brings a completely new kind of opportunity for online marketers to market in a search engine. This form of advertising practically takes the top positions of the search engine in both computer and mobile view.

Who is Google Shopping for?


Search results for your Google Shopping ad campaign. As you can see from the screenshot, Shopping advertising and search engine advertising can be done at the same time.

Google Shopping ads: as the name implies, are designed to promote e-commerce or promote your local business online (requires a product listing). Instead of keyword-based searches for search engine advertising, Google Shopping ads are displayed based on product data. Based on this product information, ads will appear for relevant searches, and as the screenshots show, Shopping ads will appear at the top of the search engine or, alternatively, on the right side of the computer view. In addition, these ad placements include Image Search and Google’s search partners and the Display Network.

The more specific product searches you make, the more appropriate product ads will appear as Shopping ads (e.g., exact product model/brand name). In this way, it also responds to a customer’s search needs when compared to Google search ads for broad-matched keywords or product groups. You can get the best results by combining search engine advertising and shopping ads, these are not mutually exclusive. Shopping ads with a product image, brand name, price, and product review are a great choice for eCommerce product marketing because search engine advertising works best when a customer has a clear need.

What do I need to create a Google Shopping ad campaign?

In order to use Google Shopping advertising, the first thing you need to do is set up a so-called Merchant Portal: (Google Merchant Centre). Through this portal, a product catalogue is added, to which the product data of the online store (eg price information, availability, product name, product description, product categories) are added. Once the Merchant Portal is created, it will be linked to your Google Ads account, allowing you to launch your ad campaign by selecting “new campaign” + Shopping Campaign.

If you haven’t done Google Ads advertising yourself before, or if you want to include Google Shopping advertising to support your eCommerce marketing, get in touch with a Local SEO Agency!

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