October 23, 2022

Owning a swimming pool has become so common that nobody takes pride in having one. To stand out among pool owners, you must beautify your backyard oasis with the best accessories.

Here are some of the must-have pool accessories.

Chemical and Test Strips

Your pool needs chemicals to keep the water safe for human use. The chemicals required depend on your climatic region, use frequency, and pool size.

The best way to determine your pool’s chemical levels is by using a test strip. Most strips have a colour scale that changes to indicate the intensity of certain chemicals in your pool water. You can use them to determine the water’s pH, alkalinity, chlorine levels, and other less essential chemicals.

It’s advisable to test your pool water monthly when idle and weekly during the busy season. Also, don’t forget to test after heavy rain, as rainwater interferes with the chemical balance.

Chlorine Float

Chlorine is an essential pool chemical that kills germs that cause diseases. However, it’s an aggressive substance that can harden the pool liner and reduce its lifespan. Investing in a chlorine float ensures the chemical doesn’t touch the liner, preventing damage. Moreover, the float moves around the pool, ensuring even distribution.

Modern chlorine floats have built-in thermometers you can use to measure your pool water’s temperature.

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A skimmer is a must-have pool accessory that allows you to remove floating debris like leaves, flowers, and insects. It can also help remove toys your kids forgot or dropped into the water.

Pool Cover

Pool covers are available in many types, each with a specific function. That said, the main function of regular pool covers is to keep the water clean and prevent unauthorised access. In addition, if your pool is located in a region with many trees, installing a cover ensures you don’t waste much time removing leaves and flowers from the surface.

You’ll need a winter cover during the cold months to prevent freezing. These covers also act as barriers to prevent accidental falls into frozen water.

A solar blanket is a pool cover that raises the water temperature and prevents evaporation. This cover type can extend your swimming season by enabling you to swim in early spring and late autumn when the conditions aren’t usually favourable.

Pumps and Filters

Pumps are the most crucial pool component, as they keep water moving. Without a pump, the water would stagnate and become unsafe for human use. However, not all pumps are similar. For example, using a variable-speed pump can reduce energy consumption and noise. As the name suggests, these pumps adjust their speeds to optimise water flow and minimise wastage.

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As the pump moves water in and out of the pool, it carries some microscopic debris that compromises pool quality. Therefore, you should install a filter next to your pump to ensure your pool water remains clean and free of contaminants.

Safety Features

Drowning is a huge risk if you have a swimming pool. Safety starts from the surroundings. Ensure that your pool has a fence high enough to prevent children and pets from accessing the water without supervision. If possible, install an alarm that goes off on every attempted entry.

Regarding in-water safety, installing underwater lights is wise if you plan to swim after sunset. Also, remember to include a staircase in the shallow end and seclude the deep end.

Wrapping Up

You can add several accessories to your pool to enhance the swimming experience. In addition, you can recreate a beach-like experience in your backyard, from pool lights to water games. However, this will all be useless if you lack the must-have accessories mentioned above.


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