October 4, 2022


Cryptocurrency is considered the future of people. When the concept of cryptocurrency was launched, the sole reason to devise it was to remove the monopoly of banks and other financial institutions over the economic cycle. The programmers wanted to devise an alternative to the fiat currency and as a result, an anonymous programmer but only with a name named Satoshi Nakamoto came up with the idea of Bitcoin. You can check platforms like crypto-code for a smoother trading experience with the best trading techniques.


In a decade or so, the term became so popular that people started using both the terms interchangeably, and there left no difference between cryptocurrency and bitcoin. But in reality, cryptocurrency is a much bigger term when compared to bitcoin. With the advancement in time, the technology spread its wings and many new smart items started establishing their points in the digital market. One such facility that came up was in the form of an ATM. Just like traditional ATMs that dispense fiat money to the customers, bitcoin ATMs dispense currency in the form of bitcoin. In this article, we are going to study the story of the Bitcoin ATM and its derivatives.



Bitcoin ATM

A digitally connected solution for the public that can allow its customers to make transactions without any human intervention is called an ATM. A bitcoin ATM is a similar concept with only a difference that here currency is of the digital entity. So, a bitcoin ATM can be defined as a network-connected kiosk that has the facility to deposit or make a purchase of bitcoin from the fiat currency available at hand. Also, in a traditional ATM, the ATM dispenses fiat currency in the hands of a customer but in Bitcoin ATM it is a derivative of blockchain technology that allows users to deposit the said amount of currency in secure digital wallets. There is often a QR code that functions as a medium without any third party. It is not like you can only buy bitcoin from the point but there is also a facility to buy any cryptocurrency from the kiosk. If we go deep we will find that the use of ATM words for this technology is just a misnomer and nothing fits in the bottle. But, as people are more used to these types of kiosks so this word. ATM is used for those points that dispense cash but here no dispense of cash happens.


Working on Bitcoin ATM

When a customer approaches a Bitcoin ATM, they will find a QR code on the screen that eventually directs them to their digital wallets. When a customer makes a purchase associated with blockchain decentralization rules, the coins get deposited securely in the digital wallet of the customer. Just like in regular ATMs where a receipt is generated after the transaction is successful, similarly here the receipt shows you a summary of the transaction involved. There is always a limit set for lower and upper transaction limits that are strictly followed while making the transaction.


Fees associated with operating Bitcoin ATM

A nominal service fee is charged for making every transaction. The fee is generally not fixed but a particular percentage is set that applies depending upon the value of the transaction. Also, if the exchange rates are also involved the fee can be a bit higher. It is usually cautioned to customers that the fee can be high so they are advised to check the details before making any transaction.


Bitcoin ATMs are slowly but steadily becoming famous and that can be witnessed by the fact that only in the U.S. the number of bitcoin ATMs is around 10,000. So, it can be concluded that Bitcoin ATMs are the future of digital transactions.

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