November 22, 2022


Aircraft have been a great boon for humankind. The time we took to reach a destination before these, was manifold the time it takes now. But, it takes a lot of brainstorming, maintenance, and checking to maintain the safety of flying these gifts of technology.


If aircraft inspire you every time you come across news related to them, or you get a chance to learn about them, Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is the right career choice for you! This course will bring you closer to your love for aircraft.


There is a lot that needs to be done before an aircraft can be flown. And an aircraft maintenance engineer is responsible for this. To secure a seat at the Indian Institute of Aircraft Engineering (IIAE), you must be aware of the AME admission procedure, eligibility and exam pattern. Here’s all you need to know about it and its admissions.


What Is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

There is a lot of work done on an aircraft before it leaves the ground. A mandatory maintenance routine and various maintenance checks are done on all parts of the same, ensuring that all its parts are functioning properly, and it is safe to fly. The one responsible for all these checks is an aircraft maintenance engineer. They check and change any damaged or non-working parts of an aircraft and ensure that the aircraft has a smooth flight.

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When we talk about a career in the same, it is rewarding as per the role’s importance.


Why Choose Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

There are a lot of benefits to choosing AME as a career option. Here are some of its major benefits:

  • Great Job Opportunities

AME jobs are flexible and are not restricted to just a particular sector. You can also get jobs at flying clubs, aircraft operations and aircraft manufacturing companies. You can study at any of the top AME colleges in India and get the desired job from there, as most of these institutions provide you with excellent placement opportunities nowadays.


  • Good Salary Packages

As important as the role of an AME is, the salary offered is equally rewarding. When compared to other job roles and services, AME offers excellent salary packages. The starting salary after the successful completion of your studies in the field is about Rs. 8 lac per annum. As you gain experience in the field, the amount also increases.


  • Take Up A Job Or Freelance

Aircraft maintenance engineering doesn’t only offer jobs, but can also be taken up as freelance work. This way, you can work on your own terms and choose your work timing. There are aviation companies always on the lookout for freelancers. Herein, the main factor is networking, wherein you need to build a strong network in order to get more freelance jobs.

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  • Work-Life Balance

Sometimes, many service persons are unable to maintain a work-life balance. Either it is a good salary or peace of mind for many. However, in aircraft maintenance engineering, you can have a good work-life balance as it offers you flexible working hours and a plethora of facilities.


Career And Scope In Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

If you are looking to pursue a course in AME, you are in for a bright future. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program from a good AME college will surely help you get your dream job. You can find a lot of reputed colleges offering the course in India. However, you should shortlist the best out of the lot and choose the best-suited college that also offers AME CET placement.


Here are the details of an AME course:


AME Course

There are 2 types of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering courses, which are as follows:

  1. A Program (2 Years)

Under this program, the students undergo 1 year of academic training, while the second year involves a live environment in MRO Organizations, Airlines, and more. The students are also eligible for a stipend during the training. They can apply for the DGCA license to repair, maintain, and troubleshoot simple defects in an aircraft after they successfully complete the course.

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  1. B Program (4 Years)

Under this program, the students have to undergo 2 years of academic training and then 2 years of practical training. The practical training is held in MRO Organizations, Airlines, and more. The students are eligible for a stipend during the practical training. Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers will be eligible to work in private and government sectors in India and abroad.


AME CET Admission Process

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test (AME CET) is a national-level entrance exam to pursue aviation courses in India. Through this exam, the student can pursue courses, such as Aeronautical engineering, aircraft maintenance engineering, aerospace engineering, and much more.


Here is the AME CET admission process via AME CET:

  • Candidates must fill out the AME CET registration form on the official site of AME CET.
  • Once the candidate has qualified for the AME CET exam, they will get admission to a college based on the All India Rank (AIR).


Here is the exam pattern for AME CET:

  • The entrance exams for the candidates who have successfully completed their 12th class with PCM as their subject include about 4 sections comprising questions related to Math, Physics, Chemistry, English, and General Awareness.
  • The candidate who holds a degree in Engineering Diploma, or B Tech, or any higher qualification in the PCM, gets General Awareness, English, and Aptitude Test as sections in the examination.
  • Once the candidate qualifies for the entrance test, they become eligible for the AME admission counselling, based on their All India Rank in the AME CET 2022. This helps them get admission to top DGCA approved colleges or universities.
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If you are looking for a good AME college or institute in North India, you can choose the IIAE, which is one of the best aviation colleges in Delhi, as they offer excellent teaching faculty, infrastructure, and a platform to study.



While aircraft are a boon for us, their regular checks and maintenance are equally important to ensure their smooth function and safety. If you have a keen interest in learning all about the mechanism of aircraft, AME is a good career option for you.


There are a lot of benefits to pursuing Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, such as a good salary package, work-life balance, freelance opportunities, and much more.

If you are looking forward to making a career in this field, you are in for a treat! The While the starting salary of an AME is about Rs. 8 lacs, they can freelance, maintain a work-life balance, work in both government and private sectors in India and abroad, and much more.


The first step toward becoming an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is to take the AME CET exam. Check the above section for the AME CET 2022 exam and admission details. The next step is to shortlist and choose the best-suited AME college or university to pursue the course. This is based on your All India Rank in AME CET. If you are planning to take admission to a good college in north India, you can find many reputed AME colleges in Delhi.

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Choose the best AME Institute like IIAE that suits your needs the best and accelerates your career in AME!


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