October 18, 2022

We often use gaming to escape reality and the stress of our daily lives. Consequently, it would be a huge blow if you spend significant time surfing the net looking for the perfect game. It’s even worse if you have to spend more time on registration; this is something you do once in a while, so why would you want to have your details recorded? It even gets worse when you discover you have to pay for your favorite game. Come on, I am trying to escape my depressive financial status, and now you tell me I need to pay to enjoy an online game. Such hustles discourage people from playing online games or even give them a chance to see whether they are worth the time.

Casino mentor is a firm that cares about the interest of both novice and professional gamers. They understand that sometimes gaming is an escape routine and thus work to make everything easy. This platform avails a wide range of online games to its customers, which spares them time that would have been spent surfing the net looking for platforms where they can play games. The demo slots pragmatic are available for everyone, and no registration is needed and thus no hustle. Some of the available online casino games include:

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Free slots

You can enjoy these online casino games without setting up a profile or having any money or wagers. This is an ideal way to escape stress as no investment is required, and you do not have to spend time setting up a profile and verifying it. The slot machines used for these games are similar to those available in online casino games; the only difference is that you can access the demo mode. Some free slot games include Aztec gems, Chilli Heat, Diamond Strike, Vampires vs. Wolves, and Sweet Bonanza, among others.


Roulette is a casino game whose name means a small wheel in French. It is an all-luck game, as numbers are selected randomly. The role of the player is to predict where the ball will land on the wheel. This means there are no wrong or right moves and a player’s skills are not an important factor when playing this type of casino game. The chances of winning, however, can be influenced by the type of game you choose to play. American Roulette has the worst record, while French Roulette has the lowest house edge. How you manage your bankroll also matters when playing this game- if you manage it well, you will be in the game long after experienced players have lost their bet.

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Video poker

This is a casino game that is alluded to as the five-card draw poker. It is played using an automated console similar to a slot machine. The best strategy when playing video poker is to always play within your means- to qualify for several progressive jackpots; players are always advised to stake the maximum bets, avoid wild cards and never let go of ‘Jack or Better.’ Before settling down to play, evaluate all the available consoles and go for machines with a history of progressive payouts; this increases the probability of making profits. There are professional prayers that make earn their incomes from playing video poker. Do not be mistaken; you need to be patient and practice consistently to achieve such levels.


Bingo is also referred to as Lotto. This is a low-priced form of gambling that solely depends on luck. You must be the first player to cover five spaces in a row to win this game. Casino mentor avails this game for free; you do not require to set up an account to enjoy it. However, some people play this game for money by staking their moves.


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