April 27, 2023


Frozen food means food subjected to a freezing process and then stored at the temperature prescribed for the food or raw material for food. They are the food experts who come in handy when we want to prepare anything quickly and enjoy it. Delicious frozen foods like peas, potatoes, okra or mixed vegetables can be availed from the best stores. One such is Carrefour Egypt. Did you know they have all sorts of frozen assortments at affordable rates? And, if you are still pondering on the budget, then Carrefour Egypt promo codes are here to your rescue. Hence, grab additional leverages and get shopping today!

Fewer Nutrients

Now there has always been a debate on the nutrition part of these frozen products. The freezing process does not destroy the nutrients. In some cases, frozen fruits and vegetables are better than fresh ones. Foods designed for the freezer are selected at their peak of nutrition and flavour, quickly processed and frozen within hours before any deterioration in quality. However, these items contain trans fats that increase the risk of heart disease. They are comparatively low in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals and higher in salt than whole-based foods. Another important aspect of preserving is freezer lowers the enzymes in foods. Enzymes are important for the proper digestion and absorption of vital nutrients.

Difference In Taste

Purchasing and eating freshly-grown fruits and vegetables is comparatively the best way to ensure no preservatives have been added to your food. Fresh produce loses its natural taste over time, so the quicker it is eaten, the more nutrients and better flavours can be savoured.

Takes Less Time To Cook

Frozen foods make quick foods. Quickly use it as an ingredient with less hassle of peeling and chopping. Life is easy with frozen foods. So, you can ditch the traditional cooking pattern of taking hours to pick, clean, dice or cut your veggies and try frozen foods. A big refrigerator and microwave are all you need for frozen foods with good taste. Save your time – Freeze it and then eat whenever you like it.

Change in Colour

Frozen goods are never bright as fresh ones. For instance, if you keep broccoli in the freezer, it will tend to lose its beautiful green colour. But do not worry until and unless the food smells bad or develops ice crystals. In that scenario, one must right away throw it in the dustbin. However, over time all frozen food will deteriorate in quality and become unappetising when defrosted.

Quality Goods

Never compromise on the quality of the essential nutrients your body needs. Though frozen foods are consistent in quality, whole or fresh foods provide you with the necessary energy to carry out your daily activities. Frozen foods might include chemicals that allow companies to keep their meals in storage longer but could harm your health. You should check the date of packaging on the item before proceeding.

All Season Availability

Fresh produce may not always be available, and frozen varieties are a convenient alternative. The freshly picked fruits or vegetables are processed and frozen, making them virtually unchanged in storage and eliminating any chance of spoilage till the packaging is somehow hindered. Hence, frozen at the peak of perfection, there is no better method of food preservation. These are then transported to the stores. Thus, seasonal limitations are a part of the past.

Comes With Instructions

An explicit expiry date or cooking directions are always mentioned at the back of the pack for every item. This ensures that the products are fresh and the time frame within which they need to be consumed. It is better as we might not know when or till what time the vegetables are worthy of cooking.

Provides Minimal Wastage

We often hear about not wasting food. Frozen food also comprehends the thought. As they come in packages with expiries, one is well aware of the duration. Since they are already chopped and minced, the quantity needed for an occasion or a weekly routine can also be checked in advance and purchased accordingly.

Gives Efficient Pricing

With frozen foods being 100% edible, they come at a reasonable price limit and are available at almost every grocery store or online portal like Carrefour Egypt. Furthermore, if you wish to save on your cart value, pick up promo code Carrefour Egypt for amazing discounts.

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