October 25, 2022

Human hair strands have a lifespan ranging between three and five years. Your hair follicles follow growth, transition, and rest cycles. If they face interruptions, hair loss or thinning happens. Many factors cause hair loss issues, with telogen effluvium, genetics, and old age being the most common. Genetically triggered hair loss is often the hardest to reverse, while the process of managing telogen-effluvium-triggered hair loss is shorter. Other documented hair loss triggers are chronic stress, medication side effects, pregnancy, and underlying health disorders.

These Products Will Fight Against Hair Loss

The ease of reversing hair loss depends on the root cause. Hair loss and breakage associated with genetics and old age have proven very difficult to reverse. Nonetheless, you can easily reverse hair loss caused by pregnancy, medication side effects, and stress with a lifestyle and diet change.

Hair loss disorders are often aggravated by bad lifestyle habits, including smoking, excessive alcohol and drug consumption, and an unhealthy diet. Also, your hair loss condition will worsen if you don’t get enough hydration, sleep, and exercise.

The first step to fighting against hair loss is injecting a nutrient-packed diet into your daily routine. Adding omega-3 acids, healthy proteins, vegetables, and fresh fruits to your diet could activate hair growth triggers and revitalize damaged hair. Zinc, iron, biotin, vitamin C, and vitamin D are essential for preventing baldness.

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Drinking the recommended water amounts daily, engaging in wellness programs, and getting at least five hours of sleep per night are necessary. These acts improve your body’s functions, including its immune system and blood flow to the follicles.

When hair starts falling out or breaking, talk with your doctor to know which products are safe for your condition. Understand not every product claiming to fight against hair loss has the ingredients and formula required to address your kind of hair loss problem. Stop by Hair Jazz USA to discover a range of high-quality, safely formulated products for addressing hair loss issues.

Scalp Massage

Scalp massage stretches hair follicle cells to promote hair thickness and gene changes. Additionally, scalp messaging dilates blood vessels underneath your skin, encouraging hair growth. Scalp messages are simple enough to do by yourself. Combine your message with quality care products to reduce hair loss and improve growth and thickening rates. Basically, your aim is to keep your locks strong and long.

Essential Oils

Essential oils contain essential properties for reversing the effects of hair loss and promoting regrowth. Rosemary oil dilates blood vessels, boosts cell proliferation, and helps to thicken your hair. Peppermint has exceptional cooling and soothing properties critical for increasing blood circulation to your scalp and follicles, which improves hair growth and stops hair loss.

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Tea tree oil has excellent anti-microbial properties essential for fighting fungi, bacteria, and viruses responsible for hair loss. Other essential oils that prevent hair loss are lavender, thyme, cedar wood, and bergamot.


In addition to scalp massages and essential oils, natural skincare routines and supplements can help you fight against hair loss. You’ll find many products in your drugstore to improve hair growth and prevent hair loss. However, make sure to only buy those from reputable brands. Vitamin D-rich products counter telogen effluvium symptoms and related hair loss problems.

Iron pills are good for reducing hair loss symptoms in people suffering from iron deficiency. Other supplements for stopping hair loss include zinc, riboflavin, folic acid, and vitamins E, B12, and F.


Hair loss is not only a health problem but also an emotionally draining experience. If you notice hair loss symptoms, consider using supplements, essential oils, or scalp messages to reverse the condition. Let your inner beauty shine.


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