December 9, 2021

Social media can be defined as an emerging  technology that helps in the sharing of ideas, information and thoughts by connecting the  virtual networks together worldwide. Social media makes use of the Internet and gives the users immense quantity and quality content, for example personal info, pdfs, personal videos, and individual and group photos. People who use social media, do it with the help of computers, mobile phones, or smart devices. According to recent data, it was found that at least more than 4.5 billion people around the world are on social media as was seen till October 2021.

Students are said to live a golden life because their lives are the most significant part of their entire life. It is the time of extreme joy and fun, because their mind is usually free from the cares and worries of an adult life. The most important duty of any student today is to learn and to gain knowledge and wisdom.


It is seen that in a student’s life the role of social media and technological advances have become a major inseparable part of the life. Every student is seen to have an account on the famous social media network. It would not be a right thing to not use social media in these times and stay away from technology. Technology must be utilised in one’s favour. Social media therefore acts as a great tool for learning. It is the learning that should be the main focus.

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Students use different online software and technologies to fulfil their needs and the different requirements. It is not a wrong thing to say that social media and education are complementary to each other and go hand in hand in the present world. With the help of technology, there is a lot of things that we can all gain together.


One must however make sure to ask a very important question which is how can social online tools and networks be utilised by students? Is it a good thing? Will it not be addictive? Is  there any way that social platforms in the education sector can be beneficial to learners and can help them fill in the serious gaps that are there in the process of learning. One must make sure to use it safely, otherwise it can easily become addictive and not useful.


Here are the steps that can be taken by students to make sure that they use social media for learning:


Enrol of an Education app


They can play a major game changer and can make the results of a student better. It can help in the assistance of teachers with the marking system and the entire school organisation. The use of technology can easily assist a teacher to educate  their children and students. The role of such apps is that they have built-in lesson systems in them that can easily help a mentor, teacher or guide in making a record of a student’s learning activities. Are the students able to understand the concept or not?  They can connect with students with the Video chat option to understand student’s problem. The correct app can easily make a teacher’s lesson better by giving a different approach to any subject.

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Giving and taking information and knowledge


It is important to share the information in order to help transfer the message and also to communicate and share news with the other person. Students have to talk with their mentors, friends, peers and various other people. Sharing information has become very smooth with the help of the google and social media.  Students can also stay in touch with their peers, teachers, colleagues and any other people through the various communication tools such as phones, laptops, personal computers, and so on. These devices also need an internet supply so that sharing information can be easily done through social media apps.



It is important to use social media carefully and use it to enhance the learning process. Students can connect with each other and share study material with each other as well. They can easily attain the learning and score good marks with each other’s help.

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