February 16, 2023

Although more skilled specialists may utilize different techniques to attach men’s hair pieces, the materials used to connect men’s toupees remain the same. As long as toupees, glue, and tape have been utilized, they will still be employed shortly. Therefore, we have created articles specifically for novices who want to discover how they may offer their clients a service worth bragging about to their friends. So, here is how you can connect your client’s toupee using glue and tape. Let’s begin right away.


How to attach a men’s hairpiece?

Toupees are fixed using glue or tape instead of wigs and wefts. The fundamental distinction is that women’s hair systems are typically attached using hair clips that clip onto the wearer’s natural hair. i.e., they remove it each night and then put it back on each morning. Men who wear toupees have different needs and desires; switching up is not what they want, even though they can do it more regularly.


For a predetermined amount of time, glues and tapes offer a fixed attachment to the wearer’s scalp, letting them go about their regular activities—such as getting out of bed and into the shower, playing sports, and going to work—without worrying about their hair.

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Rolls, Mini Taps, Strips, Lace Front Tape, and Contour Tapes – On are the many types of Hair System Tapes. Tapes often last one to three weeks, depending on the style. Make sure the packaging is correct, or contact our customer service staff with any problems.


Hair Replacement Methods (Liquid Adhesive) Glue They are frequently water-based, latex- and formaldehyde-free, which is ideal because it makes them non-irritating to the scalp, simple to apply, and durable enough to last up to two to four weeks.


Why Use Combine Both Glue and Tape?

Since it is so easy to apply and remove, tape has several advantages over other materials, even though it is not as robust. Less chaos means fewer issues!


Additionally, using male glue on a hairpiece can be a little risky because it can damage the hair permanently and must be thoroughly removed before a second effort to attach it can be made. However! Glue is the finest option for assuring a natural appearance and an invisible toupee because it is much stronger and will stay longer. Best of all, it is transparent.


For men, the front Hair Line (section 1) is the portion of the toupee that is most prominent and obvious, so applying glue on this section is a better option than using Tape or “Contour Tape.” The other seven components could be more precise. Thus hair system Tape is a good choice for these seven various pieces.

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Note: Due to the risk of mess and potential damage to the base material, we do not advise using adhesive for monofilament bases.


Applying liquid adhesive to skin/scalp

Before using the adhesive, it’s imperative to properly clean the scalp, removing any hair or dirt that might mix in. After the area has been thoroughly cleaned, trace the hairline using a marker.


To roughly understand what this implies, imagine marking the region as though the client’s hairline still existed and appropriately drawing a line along the edge. When connecting the toupee, this will serve as a guide for situating it. Don’t worry too much; although it might seem difficult initially, you will get the hang of it after a few successful attachments.


Keep a cleaning agent handy to remove any adhesive from your hands or hair so you can reposition the hair system before the glue hardens and sets.


The initial layer of glue should be applied to the selected area first, let to dry, and then repeated one or two more times. Applying the adhesive is always the final step when utilizing both tape and glue. Let’s see how to combine the two.



Prepare all the tools you’ll need in advance, and keep a towel on hand if the client starts to perspire. Lowering the room’s temperature is even preferable. Keep an eye on the scalp during the process of attaching, and do not rush; take your time, and nothing will go wrong. It is essential that the scalp be dry and free of moisture and/or contaminants.

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Make a mark on the client’s front hairline and ensure he is satisfied with the distance between his brows. The typical space between a person’s hairline and eyebrows is the width of three to four fingers.


Next, start taping the toupee around the perimeter, avoiding the front hairline area, which is the section of the hairpiece that runs between both temples. Keep the tape’s outer backing in place.


You should clip the hair back on the toupee if it is longer than 6 inches or slightly obscures the edges. Additionally, it will prevent any glue from later adhering to the hair. Unless it is a complete skin/poly base toupee, never apply glue or liquid adhesive straight to the base, as this can result in a highly sticky scenario.


Men’s toupee install

The best way to connect a toupee to a man using tape or glue is to first secure it in place on the wearer’s head using tape. Apply the glue to the scalp next by carefully pinning the front toupee backward away from the bonding area, as described in part four of this blog post titled “Applying Liquid Adhesive to Skin/Scalp.”


Step by Step:

Use your preferred A-bond spray on the scalp first to prevent the Hair System Tape from sticking immediately. This will allow you to correctly position the toupee on the client’s head.

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After removing the tape’s backing, carefully pick up the toupee and affix the temples to the client’s scalp before concentrating on the back and sides. Make sure it is situated correctly.


Be patient, as the binding between the tape and skin may take a few minutes to form as you press down and secure the hair replacement into place.


Using a brush or appropriate applicator, carefully spread a thin layer of adhesive on the scalp about an inch away from the edge of the toupee. Gently and carefully pin the front of the hair system backward with a hair clip, ensuring that no hair or base is close to the scalp area where you are applying the glue. Repeat these a total of two or three times.


When the glue appears less moist and thicker, which may take 10 to 15 minutes, slowly let the front down and press with your hands on the top of the front hairline to ensure a strong connection and short-term hold.



Utilizing both attachment options is the crucial advantage of employing hair system tape and glue for men’s toupees! High levels of invisibility and a protracted fix are provided by bond. While tape is used in less prominent places and is simpler to clean and remove! Keep something handy to wipe your fingers off any adhesive so you don’t make a mess from it clinging to your hair. This blog was beneficial. Follow us for more.

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