October 17, 2022

Now there are several techniques for creating an effective slide. Every entrepreneur must learn how to communicate his thoughts and the value of his product or service. The business proposal presentation template will help. It’s enough to decide on a theme and customize it to one of the ready-made Presentation Templates.


Presentations also help to make a hot commercial proposal a la sales presentation (for example, to find partners or investors). As practice shows, this method is effective. Moreover, slides can simply be mailed to the right people and expect to receive a positive response.


Sales presentation – what you need to know

It is not necessary to involve designers to create a selling presentation. It is enough to download the Powered template and complete it properly. In doing so, it is important to pay attention to:

  • number of slides;
  • structure;
  • external appeal;
  • a call to action.

In google slides and PowerPoint it is possible to design everything, so use as many effective tools as possible to attract customers or investors.


The call to action is the final step that leads the customer to make the purchase. If there is no commercial goal, lead the person to ask some questions. At the same time, try to avoid meaningless slides a la “Thank you for your attention!” because they tend to reduce conversions.


Be sure to analyze your target audience. This will help you understand their needs faster and create a more professional presentation. It is important not only to find out the problem of the audience, but also to formulate it in language that people understand.

Structure of the presentation

Conventionally, the entire presentation can be divided into 10 blocks (in the minimum implementation – 10 slides). Each block has its own task. Everything starts with the title page, where the main information about the company or the specialist is placed. Then you need to consider the client’s pain and its amplification, solutions, technology, evidence (cases), price, objections, summaries and benefits. The final slide is the call to action, which we reviewed earlier. This new look at old ideas, will be an additional leap up and help restore the company’s operations and the demand for services.

How to shorten the information in a presentation?

A lot depends on your goals. In the case of a hot sales pitch in the form of a presentation (which you send by mail), the text is the main source of information, and it dominates. But here, too, it’s important to know the measure. There shouldn’t be more than 40-50 words of text on a single slide. Always keep your main goal in the text. If your goal is to sell, then do everything you can to lead the customer to it.


Marketing chips are designed for business, so study them and use them boldly. It is important to use them in the right context. The main thing is not to overdo it and use them in the text in moderation. The criterion for assessing the effectiveness of their work is very simple: there is a result or no result.

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