November 9, 2022

Are you searching for a reliable Google Adx partner to help you enhance your ad revenue? It might be tough to sort through the numerous Google Adx providers.


This blog will outline the criteria and assist you in locating the best Google AdX provider. But first, let’s understand what it means to be a Google AdX partner.

What is a Google Adx Partner?

A Google AdX Partner is a third-party organization that assists websites in gaining access to Google through the Multiple Customer Management (MCM) program.


They have professionals with expertise in Google AdX, Google Ad Manager, Google AdMob, and other Google technologies, hence they are also known as “Google AdX Partners” or “Google AdX Resellers.” These third-party vendors assist app owners in using Google AdX to enhance their revenue and ROI while improving ad quality.


Why do you need a Google Adx Partner?

Here are some of the most important reasons to partner with a Google AdX Partner to help you make an informed decision:


A Google AdX supplier or partner can primarily assist an app publisher in two ways:

1. Increasing Market Share

Google AdX is a premium advertising marketplace with year-round campaigns and businesses offering high CPM agreements. Gaining access to Google AdX allows app publishers to enhance ad revenue, eCPMs, and ROI while also improving the ad experience for their app’s users.


Furthermore, the ultimate purpose of developing an app is to monetize it, and having access to Google AdX may significantly increase the app owner’s income streams and market share.

2. Providing Access even if the app is ineligible for Google AdX 

However, to have an access to Google Adx, one must confirm the following eligibility criteria:


  • Have 5 million monthly active users
  • Produce brand-safe content.
  • Avoid using prohibited terms.
  • Update the ads.txt file.

Even after that, accessing and regulating Google AdX can be difficult at times and requires specialized assistance. However, even if you do not meet the eligibility requirements, a Google Certified Publishing Partner can assist you in obtaining an AdX account.

How to choose the best Google Adx partner?

The selection of the best Google Adx partner for your app business is very crucial. So, the prerequisite conditions for choosing the best Google Adx partner include:


  • Your Google AdX Partner must also be a Google MCM Publishing Partner.

In 2021, Google replaced Scaled Partner Management (SPM) with Multiple Customer Management (MCM) to provide clarity on the level of authorization between partnerships between child and parent publishers. Furthermore, transparency, functionalities, and better ad management features are some of the benefits Google MCM partners provide more than SPM.

  • Analyzing your Google AdX Partner’s Payment Structure and Payment Cycle.

Each Google AdX partner has a different fee structure and pay-out terms. Depending on their payment structure, a few Google AdX partners give their publishers a waiting slot of 90 days or more.


However, as a publisher, you must look for a Google AdX provider who pays you on a net 30-day basis. In this case, you will be paid 30 days after the setup and will have an unambiguous cash flow. Another advantage is that if the situation requires you will be able to switch between Google AdX partners!


  • Ensuring that your Google AdX partner provides a transparent revenue-sharing model.

Having transparency in revenue sharing is what you need to look into your Google Adx Partner. The majority of Google AdX partners have a revenue-sharing model with their publishers. A fee of 10% to 25% is usually charged, depending on the total ad revenue generated by the mobile application.


Besides searching for a Google AdX partner who requests a minimum revenue share, you should also look for someone who will consistently increase your ad revenue.


  • Your Google AdX Partner Should Provide Complete Services

Understand a Google AdX partner’s offering and all-inclusive services before selecting one. Other related services, such as consultation, ad service fees, ad operations management, any updates, real-time reporting, monitoring malvertising, and preventing ad fraud, should be covered by the revenue share model. Also, find out if any additional services are included or if there are any hidden fees.


  • Flexible contracts and no lock-in periods should be provided by your Google AdX partner.

Choosing the Google AdX partner who allows you to be more flexible and break the contract at any time without penalty is always a wiser choice than selecting one who requires you to sign a 12-month or longer contract. With such a choice, you’ll never be tied down by a long-term agreement with a Google Adx partner.


You will have the liberty to switch between Google AdX partners if you have issues with payments, support, the revenue share model, ad quality, monetization strategies, and so on.


Rather, work with a Google AdX partner who does not lock you in because they provide better services and are always on the lookout for publishers who may switch.

  • Your Google AdX partner should provide you with a dedicated account manager.

Before you sign an agreement with a Google AdX partner, find out if you will be assigned a dedicated account manager. Determine who will manage your account and speak with the ad operations team to better understand their service. Finally, your personal account manager should be able to guide and support you.


Also, ensure that your Google AdX dedicated account manager monitors your app’s performance and makes recommendations to maximize your revenue.


Final Words

Google AdX partners connect apps to Google’s Ad Exchange using the Google MCM program. AppBroda, for example, is a Google MCM and Google AdX Partner.


Contact AppBroda’s Ad Ops team to connect your app to Google AdX or learn how to access Google AdX. You can even schedule a free consultation and look over the offerings.


Author Bio – Krati is a diligent content writer and strategist with experience in content development and marketing. She began as a content writer, but she is now an expert in content as well as SEO analysis and is currently working with AppBroda. Aside from writing, she is fascinated by psychology, learning new languages, and digital marketing.

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