October 10, 2022


This issue is difficult to classify unequivocally, because it should be considered both from a biological and a psychological point of view. The concept of “libido” or sexual attraction was first defined by Sigmund Freud. He saw them as energy, a force determining behaviors leading to the satisfaction of internal needs. In psychoanalytical terms, sex drive is not realized.

Regardless of the framework in which we want to analyze the concept of libido, it should be remembered that there are no universal evaluation criteria. It is impossible to define its level with the help of specific, measurable indicators. For years, there has been a stereotype that women have a lower sex drive, while the thoughts of a real man are mostly focused on sex for most of the day. Today, this opinion has already become obsolete, and according to specialists, sex drive is an extremely subjective feeling. Moreover, the desire for sex is triggered by various factors, and not constant and independent of the influence of external factors.

Why does libido drop?

Sex is an important, often not fully understood, sometimes a bit embarrassing sphere of our existence. However, it has been proven that a successful sex life not only affects the relationship with a partner, reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, but also increases immunity. So let’s go! Do you know what influences our drive? What to do to make your intimate life satisfactory? Here are some simple tips to increase our libido.

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The decline in sexual interest does not always have organic causes that are easy to diagnose. They can be:

  • diseases such as diabetes, obesity or hypertension,
  • therapy with some drugs that affect libido, especially antidepressants or     contraceptives,
  • problems at work, problems in relationships with a partner or family, long-term stress or fatigue,
  • stimulants – alcohol (in large amounts) or smoking,
  • Erection dysfunction may result in a decrease in libido in men,
  • hormonal disorders (fluctuations in the level of testosterone, estrogens or thyroid hormones),
  • the pregnancy period and puerperium.

How to improve libido? How to increase the desire for sex?

So what to do to increase your libido, regardless of gender? In addition to pharmacotherapy, there are many elements, mainly based on lifestyle changes, that are conducive to increasing libido. Most of them are recommended by psychotherapists and doctors treating libido drops.

  • Libido and the psyche

The problem of lowered sex drive, after excluding organic problems, is largely related to our psyche. For some people believe that the brain is the most sexual organ. This indicates the direct role of this organ in obtaining sexual arousal. The better our well-being, the better we perceive ourselves, the more attractive we are to a partner. The more pleasure we get from sex. It should also be remembered that the sphere of intimate life should not be subject to any external pressure or fashion. Sex is supposed to be fun!

  • Libido and physical activity

Realize that regular physical activity brings effects not only in the form of reducing the amount of adipose tissue and weight loss. It is also responsible for the increase in the level of endorphins, i.e. endogenous happiness hormones, which increase the feeling of satisfaction. Physical effort also improves the blood supply to the genitals, which increases their sensitivity to stimuli, enhancing the sensations.

  • Libido boosting medicine

Men with erectile dysfunction (ED) may experience low libido as a result of their overwhelming fear of satisfying their partner, which over time lowers libido and may even sever their intimacy and relationship with their partner. Men can now experience a long-lasting erection for up to 4 hours thanks to Kamagra, an Ajanta Pharma-produced sildenafil-based medication. Always read the medication guide before taking Kamagra, and buy Kamagra Gold only from trusted pharmacy.

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Lovegra is special medicine for women created to deepen women’s sexual pleasure. This female Viagra significantly increases blood circulation in the genital area. Lovegra also promotes vaginal lubrication and increases chance to reach orgasm more easily. Lovegra is commercially available and can be ordered in trusted online pharmacies and shipped to your doorstep. You can buy Lovegra for less than 15 Eur.

  • Libido and the senses

The senses play an important role in shaping our libido. Often, visual stimuli can trigger a wave of hot desire in a second. It is not important to be naked here, because often what remains hidden is the most tempting. Appropriate underwear, safe surroundings, and aromatherapy will increase the desire for sex. Proper care for the climate – soft, dim light, clean bedding (although sleeping is not always a perfect place for sex), erotic gadgets and a bit of fantasy are the elements that will certainly raise your libido. Apart from visual stimuli, tactile stimuli are also valuable. Touch is an extremely important element of a love game.

  • Libido and diet

The easiest, and at the same time really fast-effective way to increase your appetite for sex is to add a few ingredients to our menu. Ginseng, seafood (especially oysters), celery, avocado, lovage, ginger, chilli and pepper are just a few aphrodisiacs from a long list of proven natural aphrodisiacs. In general, in order to stimulate the senses, not only the composition is important, but also the appearance and manner of serving the dish – the color, smell and taste of food can be extremely sensual. Whipped cream in a duet with a banana, strawberries with champagne or chocolate (especially heated to a liquid consistency) stimulate the imagination and directly encourage sexual activity.

  • Libido and stimulants

Smoking cigarettes, in addition to increasing the risk of developing many diseases, narrowing small blood vessels also reduces blood flow through the genitals. It is also responsible for the unpleasant smell from the mouth, and this can quench even the most ardent desires. Also, don’t drink too much alcohol – one glass of wine is stimulating, but a few more can be depressing.

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