November 4, 2022

Basketball has grown organically to be a lifestyle as opposed to a random sport. Basketball shoes are the pioneers in sports fashion being accepted in the fashion scene and many adaptations in style have come up since then. Basketball shoes for men are one of the only pieces of equipment apart from the basketball and the hoop that you would need to play the amazing game.


In basketball, everything happens in the blink of an eye. Precisely why do you need basketball shoes for men that are designed to propel you for that billion-dollar dunk! With multiple athletes sporting various basketball shoes during the game, the various basketball shoes for men come down to a few types.

  • Low-top basketball shoes: Made for the sprinters on the court, they are agile and quick.
  • Mid-top basketball shoes: The perfect middle ground between high-top and low-top basketball shoes for men. Provides ample support without blocking mobility.
  • High-top basketball shoes: The best basketball shoes for dunkers and point guards. An added layer of support protects the ankle.
  • Indoor basketball shoes

In this article, we aim to discuss the main features and types of basketball shoes seen on the court and how basketball shoes are designed to improve performance.


Parts Of A Basketball Shoe

Before we look at the types of basketball shoes for men, let’s understand what constitutes a basketball shoe and how it helps improve performance on the court.

1.    Midsole

The midsole in the basketball shoe provides the needed cushioning for the athlete. This is also why the midsole is one of the most essential parts of a basketball shoe. EVA midsole is the most used midsole foam option as they are lightweight and provide the best performance on the court.

2.    Outsole

Made of rubber or even synthetic materials, the outsole is responsible for the traction while you play. Traction on the court allows you to jump stable and convert those jump shots in style. Look out for flat outsoles that provide maximum balance and stability while you play. Basketball players also use basketball shoes with a hexagonal pattern for added grip.

3.    Security

The most common closure technique used in basketball shoes for men is lacing. Basketball shoes that come with zippers and straps with hook-up closures are also common on the court. The aim is to balance weight and closure for the best-fitting basketball shoe on the court.


Top Types Of Basketball Shoes For Men

With multiple innovations in basketball come different types of basketball shoes for men.

1.    Low-top basketball shoes

  • Low-top basketball shoes for men do not have ankle support and are made with features to suit the court and the type of game in basketball.
  • They are lighter in weight and allow quick and agile movements during the game. They are the shoes that guards use.
  • Even though low-top basketball shoes are not meant for jumping and rebounding, the lightweight and agile features of the basketball shoes for men make them a favourite choice among professional basketball players.

2.    Mid-top basketball shoes

  • Mid-top basketball shoes for men are the perfect middle ground when it comes to basketball shoes.
  • The mid-tops end right at the ankle which allows for better mobility and comfort.
  • The positioning of the mid-top allows better flexibility while being supportive of the ankle.
  • Mid-top basketball shoes for men are perfect for players that make the game and have a lot of sprinting, rebounding and dunks to do.
  • Mid-top basketball shoes are the perfect all-rounder basketball shoe, and every baller must own at least one pair of mid-top basketball shoes in their closet.

3.    High-top basketball shoes

  • The most used basketball shoes out there, the high-top basketball shoes for men are designed to rest just above the ankle.
  • This helps in providing even better ankle support when compared to the previous shoes.
  • High-top basketball shoes are also crucial in avoiding ankle sprains and injuries that can occur during the game.
  • High-top basketball shoes are heavier and not as flexible as low-top and mid-top basketball shoes.
  • They are perfect for the dunkers and the rebounders in the team.
  • High-top basketball shoes provide the best shock absorption and resistance so that your jumps are injury free and you fly high!

4.    Indoor and Outdoor basketball shoes for men

  • Basketball shoes specifically designed for indoor and outdoor matches are designed for the everyday baller.
  • Outdoor basketball shoes are made with harder outsoles to withstand greater impacts that can occur during the game.

5.    Performance Basketball Shoes For Men

  • These are basketball shoes for men that are made specifically for performance on the court.
  • They are customised for the basketball player and their playing type.
  • They mimic the style of the game in an athlete and create basketball shoes with the same properties for the best performance on the court.
  • Performance basketball shoes for men are equipped with better cushioning and a rigid structure to stay strong during the game.
  • The upper in the basketball shoes is designed to have a premium knit material upper which has maximum perforations for ample ventilation and support.
  • They are firm and strong which provides the needed stability to rule the court.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What makes basketball shoes for men special?

Basketball shoes are designed to play basketball. The game is intense and players are required to run throughout the game. This is why basketball depends heavily on the basketball shoe for the best performance.

2.    Why are basketball shoes needed while playing basketball?

Basketball is a game that has a lot of jumping, rebounding and sprinting. Basketball shoes are innovated so that the shock does not reach the joints and the muscles that cause injuries. With the best basketball shoes, you can perform at your best without fearing injuries.

3.    Can basketball shoes for men be used for running?

Basketball shoes can be used for small-distance running and jogs, however, it is not advised to use basketball shoes for longer distances as they can affect the cushioning features in the basketball shoes.



Basketball is a game that has a huge fanbase to it, just because of how intense it can get during game time. Playing basketball is an all-body workout and can strengthen your core, legs and your upper body muscles. For the best performance on the court, you need the best men’s basketball shoes.

Take time and choose the perfect basketball shoes to smash your dunks in style!


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