December 29, 2022

Cooking gas is essential for daily cooking. Piped gas supply is slowly and steadily spreading across wider neighbourhoods. However, the installation of piped gas in a society or locality requires multiple permissions, compliance checks etc. The other alternative is the age-old gas cylinder. This is easy to use. You pay for a cylinder, have it delivered to your place, attach it to your gas stove and simply start using it. When your cylinder becomes empty, you make a new HP gas booking and return the old cylinder at the time of the new cylinder delivery.


The old process of procuring a gas cylinder


Initially, getting a cylinder was a manual and cumbersome process. First, you had to fill out multiple forms and physically go to the gas office for document verification. Post that, you had to call or physically go to the local gas agent’s office and request a cylinder. You had to also remind them constantly to deliver your cylinder, and even after that, at times, there would be a delay in getting your gas cylinder.


Booking an LPG cylinder online


Today, thankfully, booking a gas cylinder can be easily done online. Many online platforms allow you to book a gas cylinder online using their interface. It is simple, safe, secure, and easy. You can make your HP gas booking following a few simple steps. They accept various payment methods, making the booking process more convenient. MobiKwik is one such platform that simplifies the online gas booking process. There are no additional charges for booking a gas cylinder using their platform. Online payment platforms are quick, easy, and hassle-free. You do not have to physically go to the gas agency or constantly follow up with your local distributor for a gas cylinder. You can conveniently book an LPG cylinder on the go and pay for it using one of the multiple methods available. As these applications follow the highest level of encryption for their transactions, your money is safe and will reach the desired vendor.


Advantages of using online platforms for booking a gas cylinder


Most LPG operators are available for booking on online platforms. No matter which operator you source your gas cylinder from, you will find them available for easy booking online. You can enter the requisite details and instantly book an LPG cylinder online from the location of your choice. It is the easiest way to make your HP gas booking and get home a cylinder in a short while.


What makes online payment platforms so convenient is that they accept multiple online payment methods when you book an LPG cylinder on their platform. Gone are when you had to own a credit card to make online purchases. Today, you can pay for your online gas booking using payment modes like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, wallets and net banking. The platform is compatible with multiple wallet providers if you are comfortable using payment wallets. You could also use UPI to pay for your gas booking. All these payment methods can also be used to pay the gas bill using their interface. MobiKwik has a unique feature called ZIP Pay Later. This feature allows you to book a gas cylinder, get timely delivery and pay later for it.


There are many online platforms you can use for booking an LPG cylinder. They all want customers, so they provide exciting offers to entice you. Regularly using a single platform for booking a gas cylinder online and paying your gas bill allows you to save big. You can avail of major discounts, cashback and rewards for being a regular customer. It is a win-win situation. You get to use the platform for free, take advantage of the flexibility and convenience that the platform offers and get rewarded for the same.



The digital world offers an array of convenient opportunities to ease our lives and help us save big, especially when it comes to utility bill payments. We should be smart and take advantage of the same instead of still using the old manual methods of booking gas cylinders and paying gas bills. Do some homework, choose a trustworthy online platform to make your gas bookings online and ease out your life today!






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