November 23, 2022

Skill-Based Slots Offer An Exciting New Way To Play

The beloved game of slots has long been a major draw to casinos. Over time it has steadily evolved to incorporate a huge variety of themes, visuals, and styles, becoming increasingly better with every day.

Generally, the slot games that we are used to playing are well-known for being games of pure chance. This is true for most other casino games, poker and blackjack being the usual exception. With new ideas, trends, and technology constantly influencing casino game development and innovation though, things are changing.

A New Era Of Casino Entertainment

Being a digitally-made game, over time, slots have naturally always shared a direct link with another bustling sector of entertainment, namely the video game industry. As gaming has steadily grown and evolved, so in turn has slots, taking full advantage of new technologies for better graphics, gameplay, and all-round fun and entertainment.

With the online era cementing the transition away from casino machines to being fully digital and online, there is now nothing holding casino game developers back from experimenting with exciting new ideas.

How Does It Work?

Skill-based slots aim to make the game even more fun and exciting, and potentially profitable, by adding a certain level of skill to the gameplay. Most commonly this is done by offering the choice of playing a fun and engaging mini-game instead of the usual free spin or bonus reward.

These mini-games may vary greatly and be anything from a trek through a dungeon maze filled with monsters, to a Tetris or Candy Crush style matching game, or perhaps something completely different and new.

Whatever it may be though, the aim is to simultaneously bring a new level of entertainment to slots, and for the first time, allow players the opportunity to use skill to potentially increase their winnings.

How Much Skill Is Actually Involved?

Though adding an element of skill does create greater opportunity to win for players, in the end of the day it’s still a casino game, and therefore largely based around chance. Getting good at it might improve your odds to a certain degree, though being aware of house edge and keeping a tight grip on your bankroll still applies.

Generally, most skill-based slots are designed to increase the payback in a game by up to 5 percent. Otherwise, the skill element simply adds a greater element of fun and engagement.

Is It The Future Of Slots?

Though skill-based slots are certainly growing in popularity, only time can tell whether they will become the new standard over the coming years. While innovative games like live casino roulette online have become hugely popular, not every new invention takes off in a big way.

However, there is no particular reason to think that including fun visually appealing mini-games into slots will not be a big hit. On the other hand, there is also a certain loyalty and love for the basic format of the game. This is why classic style slots are still so common, and often even include the old fruit and BAR symbols.

Most likely, skill-based slots will remain as a variant, adding to the ever-growing selection of exciting new casino innovations.

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