March 4, 2022

Online or digital marketing is a term that you see people throwing around quite casually. When you have a business and you want digital presence for it, you have to have a website too. Now, just creating a website is not enough and your complacency after creating a website can prove to be detrimental to your digital reputation. It is, therefore, important that you listen to the advice of a marketing expert like Snir  Hananya and do what helps you boost your digital presence.

Whether you are creating a blog, an official website, or a social media business page, there are certain rules of marketing you must keep in mind to keep your efforts and endeavors impactful. Let’s take a look at what three important rules of marketing Snir Hananya has to share.

Never Market without a Persona

It does not matter what you are sharing on the internet or how great your product or service is, what matters the most is the persona you create of your brand. You have to make your persona memorable through the use of certain fonts, colors, pictures, and other branding elements. You then have to stick to this persona as tenaciously as you can to create a brand image in the minds of your customers. Unless you have a memorable persona, you can’t really become a relevant brand to your existing and potential customers.

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To be simple, you have to think of a tone of voice for your brand. Then, you have to think of the fonts and colors you will use on your website and in your social media posts. Snir  Hananya says that you do have to make sure that your persona is harmless regardless of how humorous, serious, or unpredictable it is.

Don’t Forget about Images

Whether you are creating a website, writing a blog post, or putting the best words together for a social media post, you have to make use of imagery. Do keep in mind that putting the right images on your website or in your articles is a full investment. You usually have to buy these pictures from their creators. When it comes to your website design, your design firm will use hero images, high-quality icons, and moving animations to capture the attention of you website visitors.

On the other hand, in your social media posts, you want to use images to write on rather than sharing text-only posts. As for your blogs, even if you can’t insert something ideal per the topic of your post, you should still try to find something relevant in stock photos. Having a feature image on your blog can increase the engagement and impression rate of your posts. Images are the soul of all the content on the internet and you have to make sure you always include them in your website design, blog posts, social media posts, etc.

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Keep Improving and Updating

According to Snir Hananya, this is where it becomes critically important for you to hire a website design firm for all your web designing tasks. You might think creating your website or blog once is enough, but that’s only the start. Google is quick to judge your website and you as a business based on the amount of times your content gets updated. If you don’t update your content frequently, it becomes stale in search results. What it means is that no amount of content length or keyword optimization can bring your content up in search results, as Google prefers new and fresh content for its users.

Final Thoughts

With these three rules, you should be able to take care of everything that’s a part of your online marketing campaign. Snir  Hananya also advises that you should let professionals do their job because deigning a website with a website builder might sound easy at first, but it will limit your website in many ways when it comes to updating and scaling it later on.

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