December 29, 2022

By now, everyone should be aware that exercise is good for the body. This principle is also and especially true in professions where employees are mainly seated. This is the case in the office, for example. Here it can then easily come to various diseases and ailments due to a misalignment of the spine and lack of movement. Some of these ailments can be diabetes or heart disease, for example. But it does not have to come so far. It is possible to counteract such civilization diseases with effective equipment. This equipment includes in particular a standing desk for the office.

Standing desk as a preventive measure

Those who have back problems or would like to counteract them at an early stage can opt for a standing desk. Such a desk is also called a standing desk and allows you to work even while standing. The first advantage is that standing up regularly does not interfere with the work process and yet positively stimulates the muscles and blood circulation. The second advantage is that with a standing desk there is maximum flexibility. The movement prevents fatigue. This immediately reveals the third advantage, namely that of increased productivity. In this respect, a standing desk is not only beneficial to health, but also to productivity.

Further advantages of a standing desk

Movement and creative performance processes at the desk can be efficiently combined. But there are other advantages in addition to the three mentioned so far. In particular, it is practical that standing desks can generally be individually adjusted. This means that ergonomic work can be fully implemented. This is particularly noticeable in the long term. Those who like can switch between sitting and standing as often as they like and find their preferred rhythm. This physical activity increases performance and more calories are burned.



Ergonomic work can be implemented

Increased calorie consumption

Performance increase

Height adjustable desks

Prevents fatigue


Health care and welfare in one

As a rule, additional movement units are required after office hours, which must be implemented for the purpose of health effects. A standing desk enables these additional movements within office hours. This saves an enormous amount of time, because the increased calorie consumption is not to be underestimated with such a desk. Thus it becomes alone temporally more simply to do something for its health, whereby that concerns in particular the health care and the care. By stimulating all muscle groups and improving blood circulation, the risk of getting sick is significantly reduced. Even pre-existing back pain can be noticeably alleviated.

Strengthening concentration

Many employees know the phenomenon from their own experience. Sitting for too long makes you tired and reduces productivity. But beyond that it comes after longer sitting also rather times to concentration errors. In this context, it is particularly practical that standing desks noticeably reduce a drop in concentration. Employees don’t have to wait for the next break to stretch their legs, but can do so whenever they feel like it. This invigorates the senses and has a positive effect on upcoming performance processes.

Create an individual workplace

According to numerous empirical values, employees always feel particularly well and are correspondingly productive when they can create their workplace individually. Since each person has a unique physical constitution, it is therefore practical if the height of the desks can be adjusted as desired. This ensures that joints are not misaligned and that movements flow smoothly. These, in turn, support health in general and, in particular, the ability to work with sustained focus and concentration. If you like, you can also add a stool and a height-adjustable chair to your workstation.



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