January 13, 2023


Next year it could become a new era for the Gaming field, which will move in the direction of blockchain technology, beginning a new phase in video games. Read to get more info if you are looking for a secure Crypto trading platform.

Video games are the most exciting part for users in the growing Web3, in which they can create addresses to operate with cryptocurrencies and their respective virtual wallets and, in this way, carry out transactions where allowed within the games.

The excellent relationship that video games have with digital currencies is very imminent, which has been dramatically impacted by the falls in their values that have occurred recently, questioning their trajectory in terms of demand, profitability, and credibility on the part of the investing community.

Consequently, many users have lost interest in entering video games since the profits obtained with very few due to the low value of cryptocurrencies.

The volatility of cryptocurrency prices affects the gaming environment

Worldwide, the economy has gone through a challenging period since the warfare this year has not been easy; in addition to false statements about cryptocurrencies by essential entities in the financial world, these are the leading cause of discredit and the fall of the value of cryptocurrencies.

Today the crypto market is in a state of recovery, where it struggles to stabilize the values of cryptocurrencies, in addition to recovering the trustworthiness of the people.

Bitcoin is currently the most profitable, preferred, and stable crypto asset, costing around $20,000 for each unit. However, word of an unexpected rise is spreading on exchange platforms, which has sparked user interest again to interact with video games.

Expectations arise that drive video games.

The panic over cryptocurrencies is being forgotten, and new expectations are opening up within the Gaming Blockchain, which may manifest as a fresh restart in video games.

The Gaming sector could cover a capitalization in its market of more than 15 million dollars, which has much to do with the metaverse. In this environment, users also prefer video games.

Some of the video games that are at their best are those of the Play to Earn group, which were adopted by blockchain gaming technology to offer better graphical environments for users’ liking without focusing so much on the excellent aspect that games in this environment can provide.

Some games that are part of this environment are Angry Birds and FK Warzone, which take place in 3D environments and allow buying powers and weapons through NFT payments specific to each video game on said platforms; they can be executed from iOS and Android.

The tokens obtained by achieving challenges within each level of the video game are unique digital currencies that are very particular to each user to purchase NFTs.

Where can you buy the most recognized and used games?

The formal online address where these video games are ready is BKF, which first provides great informative detail, referring to the game of interest for users’ knowledge, to be aware of the way of operation and functionality of the game within the virtual environment.

These web addresses can cancel the acquisition of the games through digital currencies in progress, with the intention of not limiting the process at the time of purchase and being able to carry out the operations without any inconvenience.

Soon it has been announced that more video games will be integrated into the website to offer users more opportunities to select and acquire the one that meets all their economic and recreational expectations.


The world of video games, now hand in hand with blockchain technology, will be able to attract much more attention from users since it will provide greater security and support for transactions carried out within the gaming environment.

Videogames, for many years, have been a part of technology that enjoys significant preference by a large group of users worldwide, especially the younger population.

The metaverse will also manage to provide much more momentum to the gaming sector since, within it, there are complete modules that are based on video games, which are very popular and liked by many users since they provide a little profit which is not bad for pass challenges within their graphical environments.


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