December 29, 2022



Moissanite continues to rise higher and higher above other gems in the market. There are many more people buying moissanite rings than we have seen in the past. This is not without reason. Today, you will find moissanite everywhere there is a diamond. This precious gem has become a great alternative to diamonds. However, it is important to appreciate the fact that moissanite is not the same as diamond.


What is moissanite? Is it a diamond variable? Well, the answer to this question is in looking at the composition for each. Diamond is carbon whereas moissanite is silicon carbide. Therefore, they are quite different. However, we are always talking about diamonds whenever the subject of moissanite comes up. This means these that these gems share some characteristics.


Why are so many people fascinated by Moissanite Fine Jewelry?


There is no doubt about the growing popularity of moissanite. We have seen more and more moissanite products displayed in jewelry stores in recent times. This is indicative of the fact that more people are buying it. Here are sufficient reasons why moissanite is attracting a huge market in the gemstone world today:


  • Variety of Sizes and Colors

Moissanite fine jewelry gives buyers a variety of options based on size and color. Unlike moissanite, diamonds have specific shapes and sizes as formed underneath the earth’s crust. Still, diamonds are colorless or “near” colorless. Therefore, it will not give color variety to potential jewelry buyers.


For people looking for variety in color and size, moissanite will be their top choice. With moissanite, you will get solitaire, princess, oval and heart shapes of various sizes. As a result, buyers have more freedom of choice.


  • Affordability of Moissanite

Diamond is a girl’s most precious gem. However, it costs a fortune. Not many people can afford it and that is why cheaper options like moissanite have become a favourite. Most importantly, moissanite will give you diamond-like qualities at an affordable cost.


People are making huge savings from buying moissanite fine jewelry and getting good quality gems at the same time. Therefore, expensive is not commensurate with quality. Whereas diamond is still a costly and high-quality gem, moissanite offers almost similar value at a lower price.


  • Beauty and Elegance of Moissanite

Everyone loves beautiful gemstones especially if they are of good quality. Moissanite meets this criterion because it has exceeded the expectations of many. It is not only reliable but also full of fire and brilliance. No gem shines better than moissanite. No one can resist this remarkably beautiful gem. For this same reason, moissanite has attracted massive liking from those looking for quality beautiful fine jewelry to buy.


  • Strength and Durability of Moissanite

Every buyer checks through a variety of qualities of gems before buying them. One such quality is durability and strength. On the Mohs scale of hardness, moissanite is close to a diamond with a hardness of 9.25. Therefore, it has proven durability and reliable strength.


Due to moissanite’s stability in terms of strength, buyers have trust that it is perfect for making daily wear jewelry. Therefore, they are not worried that their moissanite fine jewelry will scratch or break easily. This amazing quality is part of what has contributed to its growing fame around the world.


  • Ethical Considerations

The mining of diamonds has led to conflict in communities and the destruction of the environment. Therefore, it is not a sustainable solution. On the contrary, moissanite is lab-grown and therefore provides a more affordable and economical option than mined gemstones.


To combat negative environmental impact, a push towards lab-grown solutions has made moissanite popular.  As a result, moissanite fine jewelry has gained huge milestones in the market following these campaigns. Most importantly, the cost of producing environment-friendly solutions is low following the massive support gained from around the globe.


Moissanite has all the qualities and value that would make it popular among other gemstones in the market. People love it for its beauty, quality and value which is comparable to that of a diamond. Most importantly, it is highly affordable despite exhibiting high-quality characteristics. As an ethical gem made in the lab, there is no limit to the extent of its use going into the future.






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