September 24, 2021

If you want to excel as a developer in such a competitive market, being mindful of the requirements of the market is important. Not only does it witness incredible growth, but it also ensures enhanced popularity among the different levels of developers. With this programming language breaking through as the fastest-growing programming language, it is not long that the demand will reach its saturation.


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In this article, we will discuss why python is a prevalent choice among developers.

  1. Easy to learn and implement


With new programming languages, most of the developers have one complaint that it is either extremely hard to learn or implement. Python is one of the most accessible programming languages that work with simplified syntax because of its natural language. Since it is used to simplify processes, the language and implementation are also a lot easy to decipher.


  1. Versatility and efficiency


Another reason why python is a popular trait among the rising developers is due to the versatility and reliability it brings along. It is efficient and a lot easier to implement than some of the other mainstream computing languages. Also, the other thing about this course or programming language is the fact that it can be implemented in different tasks, including mobile applications, desktop applications, etc.


It is also one of the most flexible programming languages out there. It has the potential to combine different large components of other languages and make one whole. Using Python, developers can program applications in a better manner.

  1. Supports big data and cloud computing


If you want to tap into the big data or cloud computing industries, python is a key marker in the list. For detailed knowledge in cloud , AWS Certification is recommended. Several of the data processing workloads are managed with python language. It helps with analysing and organization varying data-related processes. Several of the big companies using neural networks rely on Python for machine learning and other prospects.


  1. Use in academics


If you think that the implementation of Python is limited to just companies and branding, that isn’t the case at all. Given how easy the language is, it isn’t surprising that it is being gradually introduced to countless schools and colleges as part of their core curriculum. This enables candidates to get a head start in learning professional courses as they grow in popularity.


  1. Automation


Python is heavily used in automation, involving a range of tools and modules that make the processes a lot more comfortable and pliant. Python is used in implementing advanced levels of automation and is here to stay. It is used in automation testing software too.

  1. Widely used for Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning


Recently, developers are using Python to improve scientific programming. Academic scholars and researchers use the MATLAB language to perform their scientific research. Not just that but they are also able to use numerical computations engines for Python including Numpy and Scipy.


This helps in solving complex calculations. Python is a flexible programming language. It is faster and provides several functions for machine learning. It is widely used by researchers and it will soon control the machine-learning landscape.


  1. Increased Job Demand


The demand for Python developers has increased over the years. Python is a popular programming language that is widely used by established corporations such as Google, Yahoo, Disney, Nokia, as well as IBM. Currently, Python has the highest job demand in the market. Python developers not only have plenty of jobs available out there, but they can also expect a handsome salary for their skills.


  1. Makes Web Development Easier


Another reason why developers should learn Python is that it makes web development easier. Python includes a wide variety of web development frameworks including Flask, Hug, Django, TurboGears, Pyramid, Bottle, CherryPy, Falcon, FastAPI, Sanic, and more.


With the help of these Python frameworks, developers can write stable code faster than before. Not just that, but they can also automate the implementation of standard solutions. This in return reduces the overall development time. It enables developers to focus on important elements like application logic. Besides that Python frameworks are also needed for performing web scrapping tasks.

  1. Great For Scripting


Python can be more than a programming language. It can be used for fulfilling scripting needs. Scripting languages are different from programming languages. This is because scripting languages are directly interpreted. They don’t rely on any compilation.


With Python, you can write code in the script and directly execute it. The code will be read and interpreted by the machine. Once the code is error-free, it can be used multiple times.


  1. Needed For Data Science


The advent of the web has given more importance to Python. There’s no denying that data is of utmost importance in today’s world. From big companies to organizations, they use data science to add value to different aspects of operations. Developers use Python for data analysis, data exploration, and data visualization.


Python is preferred by data scientists because it includes easier coding than other programming languages. You will also find certain libraries that help in data analysis and data exploration. This includes Pandas, SciPy, NumPy, and more.


  1. Extensive Community Support


Python is a programming language that has existed for more than 25 years. Millions of users use Python worldwide. As a result, it enjoys extensive support from its community members. They can help in different ways like providing suggestions. There are times when even the most experienced developers require suggestions.


In that case, they can seek help from the best developers in the community. Not just that, but they can also take part in discussions regarding different types of bugs found in frameworks or libraries. It helps beginners to learn a lot from the experienced developers in the community.


  1. Multiple Functionalities


Python is often referred to as a general-purpose programming language. This is because it is multi-directional. It can be used in various fields and aspects. Besides AI, web solutions, and machine learning, Python is used in many other fields. For instance, it is used for desktop graphical user interface applications. It enables developers to create amazing GUI frameworks with ease.


  1. Cost-Effective


As you already know Python is an open-source programming language. Hence, it is available for free. You can use the allocated budget in something more useful and important. Most of the libraries and frameworks included in Python are also open-source. This is not only helpful to the developers but is also profitable for the organizations. Big companies allocate huge budgets for acquiring licenses for different programming languages. Choosing Python means they can utilise the allocated budget for other purposes. This makes it a highly cost-effective programming language.


If you are considering enrolling in a python course to better your career opportunities, now is the time. Given that Python is growing at an insurmountable speed, it isn’t even a question that you need to get into this course before the industry reaches saturation and the demand gradually subsides.


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