August 30, 2022

Get your team together, channel your inner James Bond, and get ready to complete the day’s task at one of the world’s top escape rooms.

If you’re looking for a change of pace from your typical weekend brunch plans, or if you just want to do something fun and relaxing indoors when it’s too hot or rainy to go outside, this is the perfect activity to summon your problem-solving and creative-thinking talents. You can get started by looking up “escape rooms for kids near me” online.

Try one of these top 5 teen escape rooms!

  1. Mythical Escapes, New York

The game themes of Mythical Escapes range from waking up in hibernation chambers to being stranded in an abandoned meat processing plant.

Thrilling stories, difficult puzzles and tasks, room design, lighting, and sound effects all help to create an immersive gaming environment.

It is ideal for teenagers because the minimum age requirement is 8 years old. Additionally, as they race against the clock to do the task and leave the room, every participant will feel inspired to participate and give it their all!

Mythical Escapes’ escape room games are great for date evenings, kids, families, business groups, birthday parties, scout groups, team building exercises, and just having a good time. When both rooms are reserved together, there can be up to 18 players in each room at once.

Visit to learn more about Mythical Escapes. We have all experienced a great deal during the past two years. It’s time to enjoy yourself!

  1. Sherlocked Escape Room, Amsterdam

The Sherlocked escape room, which bears the name of the most well-known detective in history, is among the most thrilling escape rooms available.

The Architect or the Vault are two extremely distinct experiences you can select from in Sherlocked. Both are for children ages 7 and older, one is 60 minutes long, while the other is 80 minutes long.

The teen’s escape room always welcomes adults, but they are not necessary. Both are excellent choices for a group of four; parents and teenagers are especially welcome.

  1. Lost Games, Las Vegas

Take on the role of the hero and get lost in our mind-bending puzzle game with a real-world movie theme! You and your teen friends will be confined in a room and given a limited amount of time to either ‘escape the room’ by completing a task or finding a hidden exit.

The experience will be stimulating, entertaining, and all-encompassing. Children younger than 14 years old should be accompanied by an adult.

The experience at Lost Games Escape Room is one of the most kid friendly escape room las vegas and is unparalleled. Find exclusive information on escape rooms, Las Vegas, and team development, as well as special games and behind-the-scenes films.

Find out more about their escape room by browsing

  1. The Catacombs Escape Room, Paris

Only the most daring adventurers should attempt Paris’s peculiar escape room. The Catacombs escape room, as you might have guessed from the name, is set in the bowels of Paris, centuries in the past.

Even though an adult must accompany participants aged 10 and under, this escape room is great for teenagers. Although Paris is often regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, some visitors may find the city’s catacombs to be eerie and even frightening.

Thus, book the Catacombs escape room if you are an adventurer at heart and don’t find the sensation of goosebumps to be weird. In contrast to strolling through the gardens or window shopping in Paris, an exciting alternative is to play the escape room game here.

  1. The Room, Berlin

The Room features four missions, each 75 minutes long, each difficult, and each requiring you to travel in time to another space.

Treasure hunt at Humboldt University, internship with the greatest ghost hunter, or assisting the renowned Berlin investigator in capturing the Berlin Killer, it is clear that these tasks are not for the easily frightened gamer.

Choose your challenge wisely, and come prepared with wits, attire, and a fearless heart. The Room Escape in Berlin is a Golden-Lock winner from 2017, and it is designed to challenge every escape room fan.

Furthermore, because almost everyone may play, this escape room is well worth a visit for teenagers looking to make unforgettable memories. Individual restrictions apply to their games, which are listed in the game description.

Underage players are only permitted in Go West and, in some situations, Lost Treasure if accompanied by an adult.

The Top 5 Escape Rooms for Teens Are Revealed

This list of the five best escape rooms for teenagers is a must-visit for both die-hard fans and beginners who are unsure how to get started in the game. Make sure that you explore each one of them! Confused about where to begin? We have it covered here.

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