November 2, 2022


Pregnancy is the most special time in a mother’s life; however, not everyone feels as though they have that “glow” that everyone raves about. Instead, the way that pregnancy changes a woman’s body can lead to feelings of insecurity. Women tend to prepare themselves for the weight gain, but there’s so many other changes that come with pregnancy.

From uber-sensitive, acne-prone skin to dry and brittle hair, pregnancy brings a lot of challenges that many are oblivious to. Despite this, whether attending an Ultrasound in Kingston or a Lamaze class in Manhattan, a mom-to-be still wants to look her best. Yet, it’s so hard to feel this way with so many bodily changes she didn’t anticipate happening.

Whether they see it themselves or not, all pregnant women are beautiful, as they’re growing life inside of them. The below beauty tips can help pregnant women feel beautiful even on the hardest of hormone-fuelled days.

Try a Bright Lipstick Shade

One of the biggest problems that pregnant women face is that they feel “frumpy” and “momsy” rather than stylish and glamorous. One of the simplest ways to incorporate glamour into your look is via a bright pink or red lip. You can make your makeup pop without any makeup skills or effort, all with the help of a bright lipstick.

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Spritz Some Facial Mist

If one thing is certain, it’s that pregnancy is exhausting. Unfortunately, exhaustion can shine through in your face via a sullen appearance. That’s where a facial mist comes in. If ever you’re feeling exhausted and it seems like nothing can hide it, a facial mist might just be your savior. A good facial mist can make you glow on even the dullest of days.

Use a Natural Mascara

As previously mentioned, everything just feels a lot more sensitive during pregnancy, including the eyes. Therefore, while you’re carrying, make sure you use a natural mascara that’s free from chemicals that may irritate your eyes. Even with just a coat of mascara, your look is transformed, making you feel beautiful even on particularly taxing days.

Invest in an Eyelash Curler

While pregnant, your eyes may even feel too sensitive to handle natural mascaras. Therefore, eyelash curlers present a great chemical-free alternative and they can open your eyes and make your lashes look longer in seconds. It may seem simple – and it is – but eyelash curlers are the unsung hero of any woman’s makeup bag, pregnant or not.

Use a Good Quality Concealer

We’ve already touched on how pregnancy affects the skin, giving you the same acne that you had as a teenager. Your hormones are everywhere and, unfortunately, this often means that pimples are, too. Therefore, a good quality, full-coverage concealer is vital to keeping your skin looking smooth while it calms down.

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Opt for Tinted Moisturizer over Heavy Foundations

Your skin is vulnerable during pregnancy, meaning the last thing you want to do is pile products on to dry it up. Therefore, instead of heavy foundations, you might opt for a tinted moisturiser instead. Not only will this bring out your natural glow, but it will simultaneously hydrate your skin, and this hydration will contribute further to this glowing appearance.

Contour with Bronzer

With the weight gain that pregnancy brings, many women feel puffy in the face. In order to avoid this, a simple lightweight bronzer may be just what you need. This will highlight bone structure, avoiding a puffy appearance. If you’re not someone with great contouring skills, there are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube and social media channels that may help you.

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