October 6, 2022

For the students who want to build their successful academic careers, the olympiad exams are the best competitive exam to participate in. This subject-specific competitive exam is very beneficial for those students who want to show their excellence. The olympiad exam test not only helps students to score good marks in academic subjects but also assists students in performing well in exams conducted by recruiters for jobs.

Olympiad exams are conducted by different organising bodies. There is a Science and Maths Olympiad conducted by the bodies, for instance, SOF, CREST, Humming Bird etc. Excelling in these exams needs utmost preparation and hard work. Here, we will discuss the benefits and preparation tips of participating in olympiad exams.

Benefits of Olympiad Exams

1.   Improve Academic Excellence

Irrespective of the educational board, the syllabus for the olympiad is the same as the academic curriculum. Therefore, the preparation part becomes easy for the students as they already cover the syllabus from the classroom itself. Hence, students are much benefited from the Olympiad exams.

2.   Boost Confidence

Confidence and being free from stress are the two things that students must follow in order to show their performance in exams. Olympiad exams help to boost your confidence by preparing you for the international examinations.

3.   Develop Skills

Olympiad exams develop problem-solving skills and logical reasoning in students, which helps to crack the exams like JEE. It also aids in sharpening mental abilities and analytical capabilities. Time management skills can also be developed by attempting these types of exams.

4.   Provide Awards and Recognition

Appreciation by awarding some gifts or cash prizes enhances students’ confidence and promotes attending the exams. Olympiad exams do the same by rewarding gifts or cash prizes if winning higher ranks.

5.   Accepting Challenges

Challenges are inbuilt in everyone’s life. Taking up those challenges and making them succeed is a very big task. Olympiad exams assist students in adopting those challenges in such a manner so they can expect a favourable outcome in the future.

Preparation Tips

●     Know the Syllabus

Olympiad exams follow the school curriculum so that students can prepare from their classroom itself. Understand the exam criteria first when you start preparation. The thoroughness of the syllabus and pattern of exams is mandatory.

●     Manage Time

Time management is a crucial part of preparing for any exams. Find time for each subject, those in which you are weak and allot time for that particular subject or concept. When the application level questions are asked, students must thoroughly understand the concepts.

●     Note Preparation and Revision

Making short notes is one of the best parts of the preparation steps. Instead of writing a whole conceptual paragraph in a book, try to write short notes and keep them with you for further reference. Some may learn the concepts by writing; some may read and memorise the concepts. Those who are good at writing can follow the short notes by writing important laws, formulas, equations, theorems and so on for the preparation of the Olympiad.

●     Mock Test Papers or Previous Years’ Question Papers

Practising always benefits everyone to achieve the dream. When preparing for exams, rather than reading and writing, try to solve a few mock tests or previous years’ question papers online and offline. This enables students to get an idea of how the questions will be asked and what marks will be assigned for the questions.



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