May 2, 2022

When you are in business, providing customer support should be one of your top priorities. Your customers are the ones who keep you in business and your main marketing tool. Happy customers recommend you to friends, family and business associates and grow your business.


Marketing and customer support teams can support each other and can improve the level of service you provide to your customers. The members of your customer service or customer support team are on the front lines and hear directly from customers in the form of questions, complaints or feedback. Marketing teams can, in turn, give customer support advance notice of promotions or product changes, for example. This subject is often searched up by people working in marketing. You can get surprisingly good results with sharing tips like these on podcasts. Buy spotify plays and get great results instantly.


When these two areas of your business are working together, your online marketing efforts will be enhanced. But did you know it could help your SEO too?


Why you should make customer support a part of your SEO campaign

Content ideas for customer support

When potential buyers do a web search, most often they will have a specific purpose in mind. They could be ready to buy, or they could be seeking further information. Most B2B customers will conduct research through a search engine looking for the latter.


Surveys of online customers have shown that an estimated 83 – 90% of B2B searchers want to see links to information about products and services on a company’s homepage. An estimated 61% of B2B customers who are researching or ready to buy that were surveyed said that they also want to see both “About” and contact information on the homepage as well.


Customers also indicated that they look for links to testimonials about not only what a company offers but the buying experience of other customers. Past buyers are quick to tell other potential customers of the level of customer support that they did or didn’t receive.


The content you have on your site can be a key driver for customer support and can keep website visitors engaged. This is especially true if you offer visitors something that helps them solve an immediate problem or creates a situation they can identify with.


Your customer support team, whether it is through a call center, live chat, or social media, can also provide information about the kinds of things that customers are looking for on your company website. If basic information isn’t on your website, you may be better able to meet the needs of your customers and your tech support group by adding it. This lets customer support focus on better queries. If the information is already there but visitors aren’t finding it, consider that it may be a usability issue that your web design team can address. If most of the visitors to your site are asking the same questions, adding an FAQ to your site that is directly linked to your landing page can help you to improve customer experience.


Why you should make customer support a part of your SEO campaign

Link building

Link building is an important tool for pointing visitors to your website and boosting your rank. A large portion of search engine results can be directly attributed to link-related factors. Search engine crawlers analyze links based on the popularity and ranking of other sites linking to them. Sites that receive a high number of good backlinks suggest that the document is trustworthy and authoritative, and thus it ranks higher.


Dr. Jonah Berger of the University of Pennsylvania conducted a study about what made online content turn up more often in search engine results or even go viral. Dr. Berger found that content that was highly practical, actionable, and optimized for SEO was 34% more likely to turn up more often in web searches than content which contained no practical or actionable information. When you offer your customers content that is relevant, relatable and valuable that content gets shared more often across social media and receives more backlinks.


The questions and feedback that your company receives from customer support can also help you to create blog posts, how-to videos, and white papers that visitors can link to and give further value to your brand and your level of customer support.


Why you should make customer support a part of your SEO campaign

Keyword insights

The keywords you choose can greatly affect your ranking on searches vs. that of your competitors. You can do this in a number of ways.


Consider what keywords are relevant for your website. Will someone performing a web search find what they are looking for?

Perform a web search on a set of keywords that describes your business. Examine the search results that are at the top of the first page and above the fold. Is there a pattern to the keywords that come out most often? Many ads that have the same word along the top and on the right hand side of the page means that they contain high -value, conversion prone keywords that have shown results most often.

Run a sample campaign for the keywords that you have chosen on Google AdWords or on Bing’s Ad Center. Conversions can be tracked to find out which keywords and long tail keywords are the most effective.

You can potentially further improve your level of customer support and SEO rankings if the content you provide in blog posts or articles also includes keywords relevant to the queries customers are looking for. This is the whole concept behind rich snippets. Comprehensive information further builds value for your customers by giving your customer support team a way to serve them even better and tells search engines that you know what you’re talking about.


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