July 16, 2022

Why should you use a VPS? Why should a user upgrade web hosting to a VPS? Maybe that’s a question that pops into your mind when you’re developing a project application. Maybe some people will suggest using a VPS for faster and more efficient project development. Did you know that most people who are developing applications (DevOps) prefer VPS over other types of servers? That is the reason why you should use VPS in application development projects. Apart from being recommended by many developers, using a vps murah will speed up and be more efficient for DevOps.


Not only that, there are still many reasons why a developer should use a VPS. Here are some reasons why DevOps teams should use VPS for their projects:


  1. Machine Creation Speed

Building and deploying a physical server takes more time than using a VPS service. When building a physical server the process is slow and requires communication with the manager or lead, the delivery team, and the time it takes to actually build and deploy the server. This is certainly not efficient, By using a virtual server (VPS) the time in the creation of the machine is faster. Because with a virtual server, it is enough to click a few buttons, the server can already be used. That way, your team can start and finish projects quickly with clients. And of course, you will get more profit because there is no time wasted just building a physical server. Maybe you will think that using a VPS has limitations on your server resources, but that is wrong. Currently, there are many virtual servers that provide flexible specifications and offer many options/customizations such as RAM, Storage, and Core CPU. This is one of the reasons why you should use a VPS.

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  1. Prices are more economical than physical servers

When compared to using a physical server using a virtual server is much more cost-effective. If you use a physical server then you are a hardware and software component for your server, not only that you need a System Administrator to manage your server. Very fast VPS setup. You are free to choose the OS you want and in just a few minutes you can be online with root access. That way you can start developing your app, uploading files, and getting your project online. This is of course a time and cost efficiency, compared to having to use a physical server where you have to do many things that require a lot of money and time. Your VPS can be controlled by you with the control panel provided by the VPS provider. No more human interaction is needed to turn servers off and on or anything else, no delays in installing hardware, or software being installed. this is what makes developers recommend using a VPS.


  1. Ease of Development and Expansion

If you start many projects and customers, of course, the server must be upgraded. When you use a dedicated server/physical server, there will definitely be problems when upgrading. This is because the server will stop operating, so all services will also stop. This of course has an impact on operations, by using a VPS this can be resolved. When using a VPS if you need development, just click a few buttons and instantly upgrade memory, increase storage, and available CPU Cores instantly. As your business grows, you can quickly and easily change your server specifications to keep up with project and customer upgrades. With a VPS, there are no issues to worry about, This is because all the data on your server can flow seamlessly from one host server to another automatically. Server development can be done almost instantly.

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  1. Snapshot and Server Backup Service

If being a developer backing up projects is a must, you definitely don’t want your project data to be lost/damaged due to viruses, malware, hacker attacks, or human error. By using a VPS, you can take advantage of server backup services. Sometimes VPS providers provide backup services automatically, be it daily, weekly or monthly. This is certainly very useful for those of you who don’t want to be bothered with file backup problems. And backups are stored on another server, physically separate from your virtual server. When there is damage to the physical server hardware will not cause data loss. All of this is done behind the scenes, so you don’t have to worry about what’s going on. That way you can spend time focusing on the project at hand. The snapshot feature allows you to save your server into a template that can later be used to create a new server again. These snapshot features allow you to quickly create a consistent server and ensure that your environment is configured exactly as required for the project at hand.

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