August 2, 2022

Are you a teacher who wants to teach in Dubai schools? Then, you should know the qualifications and other requirements in detail before applying for a teaching position in Dubai private schools. While applying for teaching jobs in Dubai, check the eligibility including experience with more attention. This is because most private schools in Dubai prefer only skilled teachers during the recruitment process. You should learn how schools in Dubai appoint teachers first so that you can make the right decision based on it.

How do private schools in Dubai recruit teachers?

Do you want to apply for a teaching job in Dubai? Then, you should meet the following requirements.

  • You should have a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree which is relevant to the subject thought in a school
  • You should have either a B.Ed or M.Ed degree
  • If you want to teach English, you should have a good IELTS score
  • You should have a recognised teacher preparation qualification
  • You should complete mandatory professional development courses (MPD)
  • You should submit your residence visa, clearance certificate, fitness certificate, educational certificate, experience certificate, and KHDA certificate while applying for a teacher job.

What is a KHDA?

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority, shortly known as KHDA, necessitates all teachers to attend MPD courses (also called KHDA courses) when applying for a teaching job in Dubai. It includes 6 courses that help gain an edge while choosing a teaching job in Dubai private schools. Another thing is that it allows you to get a teacher in Dubai with the best salaries based on your skills, experience, and other things.

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6 Mandatory Professional Development Courses

  1. Child Protection and Safeguarding

This certificate course is mainly designed for teachers and schools to prevent child abuse with safety measures. It lets you understand the best practices followed in safeguarding children from potential threats. Furthermore, you can familiarise yourself with the legal expectations when it comes to child protection and safeguarding.

  1. UAE Moral Education Programme

The course allows you to know about the UAE moral education programme and its importance in detail. You will learn the community, civic, respect, values, and other things in this course that allows you to understand the underpinning principles.

  1. People of Determination

This course is for both school staff and teachers because it provides ways to know more about the disability, impairment, and special educational needs of children with more attention. You will learn about inclusion and international best practices that support students with special educational needs.

  1. Sustainability

The primary objective of this course is to create awareness about sustainability and its relationship to development. It covers subjects related to carbon footprint reduction, key environmental issues, natural resources, etc.

  1. Diversity

Both you and your school staff will learn the importance of diversity in the learning environment. The course teaches you on understanding the problems of inequality and discrimination with more attention. It emphasizes promoting equality and evaluating the types of discrimination in detail that offers solutions to them. Besides, you can know how to eliminate and reduce discrimination in your classroom.

  1. Well-being
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The course allows you to understand the importance of diet, nutrition, exercise, health, and safety. It makes you educate children in a safe learning environment that helps minimise unwanted problems.

Why should you need an MPD courses before applying for jobs in Dubai?

The Mandatory professional development courses allow you to gain an edge over others when you want to apply for a teaching job in Dubai private schools. As a teacher, you should know the details of MPD courses online because they allow you to hone your skills with efficiency. Not only that, but they also allow you to become an expert teacher while teaching lessons to children in a school.

Here are some reasons to complete your MPD Courses:

  1. Allows you to explore the best strategies in teaching

You should engage students in a classroom and joining a PD course allows you to implement the best strategies in the learning process. In other words, you can change your teaching style, which best suits the needs of students.

  1. You can stay organised

As a teacher, you should stay organised while developing the curriculum and evaluating students after leaving your classroom. A MPD course is the best choice for you because you can plan your time better. Furthermore, you can avoid paperwork and focus on your students.

  1. You can gain knowledge and industry insight
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Students want expert teachers while teaching lessons in the classroom and online. With a MPD certificate, you can gain more knowledge and industry insights. It allows you to answer any questions asked by students with ease. Moreover, the course gives ways to improve your wisdom in different subject areas.

  1. Case studies and projects

Choosing a MPD course allows you to get acquainted with the practical application of the concepts used in the learning process. Also, you can enhance your problem-solving skills and other abilities through case studies and projects.

  1. Enables you to get a teaching job with a high salary

Earning a teacher certificate course enables you to search for teaching jobs in Dubai and other countries with high salaries. Apart from this, schools will give preference to teachers who have a certification course. If you have completed the MPD courses, the chances of getting hired are high in foreign countries.

Advantages of joining online KHDA courses

Joining the KHDA course online allows you to learn lessons with more convenience. You can learn lessons through videos and other formats. Since several institutes offer MPD courses online, you should evaluate them to choose the right one. KHDA online courses include both course fees and certificate fees.

Hence, you should gather more details about the fees and teaching methodologies before joining a course online. You will get a certification after completing a course. You should also know the estimated duration when joining an online MPD course. This will help you accomplish the learning process.

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