December 25, 2021

A government job refers to a post in any government department or organization where a person does any action on behalf of the government. One can look once at the following compelling reasons which may look appealing.

  • Generous compensation: Here employees have mandated raises at least once every three years.
  • Better benefits with government jobs: Government jobs offer health and dental insurance, low-cost life insurance and many also offer retirement pensions.
  • Working to better the public: These jobs are created with the objective of serving the people, improving the community, and making people’s lives better.
  • Governments are always hiring: Unlike the private sector governments will exist in society forever and thus they will always be hiring.
  • Job security: Government jobs offer permanent appointments in most industries, and in the federal sector, it is offered after three years of consistent work.

Types of Government Jobs

One can find government jobs in every sector whether it is local, state, or federal sector. One can apply to various government-based exams to get to these sectors, like SSC CGL. SSC CGL is a national exam conducted by The Staff Selection Commission to recruit candidates into various departments, offices, and organizations under the Government of India.

SSC CGL Tier 1 exam was scheduled for the 13th to 24th of August in 2021. SSC CGL Tier 2 will be conducted on January 2022 and the ones who have qualified for the SSC Tier 1 exam will have to appear for it. The candidates should start preparing for it by practicing with the help of SSC CGL Tier 2 mock test papers available online. Click here to know more about the ssc cgl tier 2 syllabus.

Now, here are some of the popular types of government jobs.

  • Law, Law enforcement, and security: One can pursue a career in this with a legal degree as an attorney, paralegal, or judge.
  • Medicine, social work, and education: Working in an educational and medical field within the government is important to keep the public healthy.
  • Science and engineering: One can find jobs in electronic engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, or can work in environmental studies, agriculture, astronomy, and biology.
  • International relations and foreign language: One can find here a job as an analyst, linguist, officer, or intelligence specialist.
  • Business technology: Here jobs like programmers, information technologies, and computer science specialists are provided by the government.
  • Administrative: Here government needs workers to work as administrative assistants or office clerks and database administrators.

Local government jobs

One can work as a treasurer, firefighter, police officer, land surveyor, or database administrator for his or her city, country, or local community.

State government jobs

One can work as a records clerk, social services assistant, elementary school teacher, purchasing manager, or civil engineer for the state.

Federal government jobs

Here jobs like the mail carrier, linguist, FBI special agent, Economist, or Aeronautical engineer are provided.

The Bottomline

Life after getting a government job is worth it if someone wants to be a part of the nation-building as it provides a secured life, a comfort zone, a good salary, and job security.

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