March 19, 2022

To create a healthy learning environment, it is important to foster leadership in the classroom. It should be both way practice- the teacher as well as the students both should cultivate and practise leadership in the classes to make eLearning effective and rewarding.


Here are some ways for teachers and students through which they can practice leadership in online classrooms.


Ways For Teachers


  1. Empowering Students


A student does not become a leader without the support of their teachers. In a class, there are students of various personality types and the teachers need to ensure that all the students get equal opportunities to grow and thrive. For this, the teachers need to set expectations and let their students know about it along with providing all the resources, tools and most importantly, support them. When students are aware of what is expected from them, what tools and resources are available to them and what their teachers can do for them, they will be able to plan and move in the path of empowerment and independence.


  1. Fostering Communication


Communication is the key to a successful classroom session. Just because you as a teacher find the subject you teach as interesting, this may not be true with your students. A teacher has to put in the effort to make his lessons interesting and one great way of doing so is by encouraging engagement in the class, and for this to happen, communication is a must.


A teacher must go beyond “your questions are always welcome” or “I am always available to help you in case of any doubts or problems” and make the classroom student-centric.


Learning how to communicate in the right way is very important in developing the skills of leadership. A good leader knows how to deliver the message to his audience. When a teacher encourages this in his classroom, students are bound to develop such skills.


  1. Right Assessment


A student may not be aware of the things that he does right or wrong. This is why a teacher needs to access them. There are various ways of assessing students’ performance in online teaching mode. However, the assessment does not only mean providing grades and feedback but rather finding the knowledge gap and the gap in the comprehension skills of the students and addressing them.


A teacher must try and foster the art of self-awareness among his students. A leader must be aware of where he lacks and what he needs to improve and thus, self-awareness is important.


Ways For Students


  1. Leading Conversations


Students learn the most when their classroom is interactive and social. A student must share their opinions and ideas and lead discussions and conversations in their classroom in and around the topic being discussed. Every student can add value to the class and learn from each other if they do not hesitate from leading conversations.


  1. Actively Participate in Group Projects


Group Projects are a great way of honing leadership skills. A student gets to connect with other students who may have different personality types, thoughts and beliefs. Doing projects together not only helps them in learning about others but also cultivating the habit of a leader.


In a group project, students themselves delegate tasks, collaborate actively with each other and get their work done. This proactive approach of the students helps them in learning an important skill- leadership skill.


Final Words


Online learning is not only about delivering lectures and students to sit and stare at their screens. It is beyond that and both the students and teachers must know it. Encouraging engagement and active participation from the students’ end promotes holistic development.



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