July 14, 2021

Bank of India Recruitment Exam is one of the most reputed examinations for candidates dreaming to have a secure job with the Public Sector Bank. Apart from job security and a lucrative salary package, the job provides various perks and allowances. However, not every candidate who applies for the recruitment exam finds his/her name in the Bank of India Result. As a BOI aspirant, every candidate has to work immensely hard to achieve the best result but this is not possible if they don’t have a good preparation strategy for the exam.  It’s true that every candidate does commit a few mistakes at the early stage but they should learn from it and bring the required improvement in their exam preparation. Hence, we have come up with this article to provide a detailed solution to the mistakes made by the aspirants during the preparation of the BOI exam preparation.

Mistakes to Avoid While Preparing for BOI Recruitment Exam

The BOI recruitment exam is very difficult and tends to be very competitive as the number of appearing candidates is 10 times the total number of vacancies available for the posts. Committing small mistakes can lead to failure in the examination. We have discussed below the mistakes to be avoided by the aspirants to achieve the best results in the Bank of India Recruitment exam.

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Following too many books

Candidates should always remember that the BOI exam requires immense practice during the preparation rather than reading the theory from the books. Following too many books for concepts will only create confusion and obstacles in achieving a high score in the exam. Thus, the candidates should choose the recommended books for conceptual clarity. Once the syllabus is done, they should focus on solving the questions from different practice papers and the previous year’s question papers.

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Skipping exam pattern and syllabus

Skipping the Bank of India Exam Pattern and Syllabus is one of the most common mistakes made by the candidates during the preparation. Having familiarity with the exam pattern and syllabus can bring you one step closer to your goal. Thus, the candidates should download the latest BOI exam pattern and syllabus from the official website and understand the marking scheme, exam format, and relevant topics important for the exam.

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Ignoring Previous Year Paper Practice

Solving the Previous Year Paper is one of the best ways to draw a rough idea about the important topics asked in the BOI exam over the years. Another plus point of following them is that you develop your own way to solve the questions during the exam. Candidates will have a general idea about the exam format and question types to be asked in the exam with the help of the previous year’s paper. Thus, the aspirants should inculcate the habit of solving a sufficient number of last year’s papers regularly.  They should analyze their strengths and weaknesses in each subject to achieve positive results in the actual exam.

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Avoiding Shortcuts and Formulas

Candidates should try to attempt all the questions asked in the exam in a limited amount of time in order to score high marks in the BOI exam. Thus, the candidates should clear the basic concept of each topic first and then master the shortcuts to save their time in the exam. They should maintain the notes of basic formulas and shortcuts of the mathematical section and revise them regularly to retain the details in the memory. However, solving every question with shortcuts can create confusion.

Compromising with Revision

One should devote a sufficient amount of time for the revision of the entire syllabus to perform well in the BOI recruitment exam. Thus, devote at least 4-5 hours daily for the revision specifically during the last week of the preparation. The revision strategy should be such that focus more on the weak areas and turn them into the strength.

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