June 30, 2022

The internet space is full of online guides on online courses. The internet offers you a variety of options to choose from when you are looking for support and assistance in creating and selling an online course. How to create an online course? How to sell courses online? How to make money by teaching online? These are some of the questions that course creators or people who wish to get into the online courses space ask very frequently. There are so many online guides to help you work on the various aspects of online courses. While there are a number of options, what is missing is a guide that helps you conveniently create courses. Online course creation and selling will need a lot of your attention and time. You must not have to spend hours understanding how to do the tasks related to these courses and rather invest the time in enhancing your online course. To simplify the online course creation experience for you, we have created this guide for the same. In this article, we will be looking at the steps and tips for online course creation and the platforms that will help you create an online course. We will also briefly help you understand online course selling.


Online Course Creation Steps And Tips

When creating an online course, you must know the psychology of your students in order to optimise your course content. You should ensure that your online course is informative as well as interesting. The online course you create and the content you offer must add more value for the learners. The course should be simple to complete and go through so that in case you are unavailable, students can still manage. Here are the steps for online course creation:


  • The first step is to work on your course videos. Online courses are based on pre-recorded videos and a major portion of the course content is the video content that you offer. You must choose to make interactive and engaging videos.
  • The reading material you offer along with the video should be beneficial for the students and also very easy to read and understand.
  • Once you have the video content and reading material in place, you must compile them and divide the entire course into modules for easier access.
  • You can add some extra learning resources like online videos, e-books or audiobooks and research papers to your online course content as well.


An additional tip would be to add quizzes, tests and question banks for each section of your online course. Students who wish to self-assess their progress will find this to be extremely useful in their learning journey.


Online Course Creation Platforms

It is very easy to understand that there will obviously be a very large number of platforms that will help you create online courses. The online space is full of choices. Choosing the right platform for creating your online course will help you complete the procedure with more convenience. There are different types of platforms for online course creation that can be used for different parts of the course. The following are the different types of online course creation platforms:


  • Video creating and editing tools for working on the video content of your online course.
  • Platforms for creating and enhancing the reading material of your course to make it better for the students.
  • Platforms to generate quizzes, online test series and question banks to add these tools to your online course.
  • Platforms for editing an existing online course in case there is a recent update or a change in any data.
  • Online course builders or platforms that will help you build an online course from scratch.


Selling Online Courses

Similar to online course creation, you can use a variety of online platforms for selling courses online. Selling courses is easy when you choose the right platform as per your requirement and the best method that suits you. You just need to ensure that you sell and advertise your online course in a way that it reaches a wider audience across the globe. This will help you sell better and also make a mark in the field of education while impacting the lives of students positively. You can also use your own website for selling an online course and making the same available to more students who are willing to take up the same for learning.

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