May 27, 2022

Parents are the first teacher of their children and so are their biggest cheerleaders. A child never loses motivation or hope when he has his parents supporting and motivating him in every stage of his life. As a parent, it is your responsibility to motivate them whether it is for their hobbies, sports or studies.

A student’s life can be tough if they lack the motivation to study. There is a reason that motivational quotes for students exist. Schools can be draining for students and at times, they might have to deal with a lot of pressure. With the constant support of their parents, students will be able to handle school better.

Here are some tips on how to motivate your child to study:

  • Set Goals

Help them set short and long term goals, both type of goals are important. A short term goal can be anything such as reading a page everyday and a long term goal can be to secure better grades than previous exam. However, make sure to set goals that are attainable with effort.

  • Encourage Healthy Competition

Make things competitive for your child. Encourage your child to compete with their classmates, this can be done in both online teaching and offline classes. However, make the competition about your child’s optimism and strength, not about the competitor’s negativity and weakness. 

  • Be Interested

Find out about what passionate your child. Talk to your child about them and listen to what they have to say. This will help your child open up about their filed of interests, problems and difficulties that they are facing, etc. 

  • Celebrate Their Achievements 

Always appreciate your child for their effort and accomplishment. Let them know that you are happy with them and that they bring pride to you. Let us asume that your child participated in a spelling competition but could not win. You should encourage them in such situations as well, because your child has put effort in it.


Celebration of their achievement and effort, motivates them.

  • Help Them Make Plans

A plan is necessary in achieving set goals. Help you child in creating a step- by-step plan for their goals.

  • Stay Positive 

Your child looks up to you. For most children, their parents are their superhero. If they see fear or doubts in your eyes, their confidence will be shaken. Therefore, as a parent, no matter how difficult a task is or the pressure is, you should always try to stay positive for your child. For example, if you are worried whether your child will be able to complete his syllabus on time or not, try not showing this to your child especially when your child is worried about it. This will only lower their confidence and increase fear in them.

  • Peer Pressure 

Channelising peer pressure into motivating your child to achieve better grades or perform better in the class is not always wrong. however, make sure that it does not affect them negatively and pressurizes them.

Final Thoughts

Parents have a crucial role in their child’s education. Students need a constant support and parents are the best cheerleaders that a student can have. Make sure to be their for your child whenever they need help and always keep encouraging, appreciating and motivating them.

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