October 6, 2021

Teenage is one of the most crucial and sensitive stages of your lives and what you do in this time period defines our future. Everything that you choose to do, see and believe paves the way for your bright future. That is why it has become very important that you watch the right kind of content which is available in large quantities on the internet. Our following list of the top five Netflix series that you must watch in your teenage years is an attempt to provide you with the knowledge of some extremely amazing shows.


Insatiable is a coming of age teenage comedy drama series which is focused on a young girl who is suffering from the problem of obesity. She even gets bullied by her colleagues and when she gets back in shape, she vows to exact revenge on those who bullied her. Debby Ryan shines in this show with her brilliant acting performance and great comedy timing. She plays her part to such perfection that you will hardly get any time to praise the rest of the cast of the show. The Next Hint had reported a long time ago that Insatiable Season 3 is cancelled due to reasons unknown and the fans of the show are still upset about this news. You must watch this show because of its hilariousness and being able to relate if you are also an obese teenager.

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Sex Education has created a lot of fans in a very short span of time. The reason behind this is the fact that despite being centered around such a sensitive topic, the show does not fail to touch upon the personal conflicts of each of its characters. The show has perfectly balanced all its elements which makes it such a fun thing to watch. The production team of the show has to be given the credits where they are due and you must watch this show for everything that it has to offer to you.


Trinkets is the best show to watch if you have been grieving about something. It showcases the story of a young student who is grieving a loss and ends up with two new people in a shoplifters group.


Greenhouse Academy is a show which tells the thrilling tale of a group of young people who have to deal with an evil plot and stop it from ever getting accomplished.


The Society is a show which will tell you what the world is going to be like without adults. Sounds fun, right? Watch the show and find out how fun it is to live in a world without adults.


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If you have already watched any of the above-mentioned shows then do let us know what you think about it. If you have not done so, then do not waste your precious time on random stupid audiovisual content and instead, try watching these shows which are certainly going to give you the best time of your lives! And if you are a fan of Netflix and the content that it provides, then you must keep visiting this space for more such awesome updates because we keep coming with new information about some of your favourite Netflix shows.

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