December 10, 2021

Being a teacher and pursuing the career path of an educator is the dream of several thousand people in India. After all, why won’t it be? The job profile is an excellent and noble one because it involves nurturing the tender minds of the present and conditioning these young pupils to become great knowledgeable humans. A society devoid of the guiding light of a teacher seems to be such a scary proposition. No wonder why the profession of teaching is considered to be of such crucial importance!


If you too wish to become a teacher and inspire the young minds to emerge as not only intellectual but also benevolent individuals, it is important to enlighten yourself on the kinds of teaching jobs found in India. The segregation has been done based on the qualifications of the teachers and the standard of students they will be teaching. This blog article will look at the various categories of teaching jobs prevalent in India so that you can form the right opinion as to which option you should choose for yourself.


Type #1: Nursery Or Pre-Primary School Teachers

If you wish to become a pre-primary school teacher, you need to have excellent managerial skills as you have to deal with little kids belonging to the age group of 3 to 5 years. Make sure you can take care of them properly because educating them is not the sole role of a nursery teacher. Just as schools are considered to be the second homes for students, you need to possess the skills of acting like the kids’ true guardians. The job responsibilities of the pre-primary school teachers involve introducing the kids to elementary learning. This area encompasses making them know about alphabets, numbering, and encouraging them to perform activities such as playing, singing, dancing, and painting. Having a Diploma in Early Childhood Education or D.E.C.Ed. is essential to qualify for the role of a pre-primary school teacher.

Type #2: Teacher Of Primary Schools

To become the teacher of a primary school, you need to complete either a course of Bachelor’s in Elementary Education (B.El.Ed.) or a Diploma course in Elementary Education. The role of a primary teacher involves educating students belonging to the age group of 6 to 12 years. This stage is crucial for the students because their base or foundation in any subject has to be strengthened at this very age. You have to make the students practise social skills, help them develop cognitive skills, and introduce them to some of the core concepts related to any discipline.

Type #3: Teacher At Secondary School Level

Trained Graduate Teachers or TGTs educate the students at the secondary level. If you aspire to be a TGT, you have to interact with and teach the students of classes 6 to 10. Depending upon the subject of your expertise, you may have to share notes with students, help them understand the core concepts of science and mathematics, explain the social science topics, provide them with feedback regularly, and help them develop problem-solving, analytical, and critical thinking skills.

Type #4: PGT or Secondary School Educator

Want to teach students of standard 11 and 12 at secondary schools? Well, you need to have a Post-Graduation degree in the subject in which you have mastery. PGT full form, that is, Post-Graduate Teachers need to have Master’s degree in a specific subject and educate the students on that particular subject. You may have to conduct regular webinars on that subject. Besides, you will also have to take regular assessments to ensure the students are having a proper understanding of the subject they are studying.

Type #5: Professor

If you wish to teach at a college or university, you will be known as a ‘professor.’ You need to have a Master’s degree in your subject and have to be qualified in the UGC-NET exam. Once you qualify for the NET exam, you have to go for a personal interviewing round and only then will you be able to live your dream of teaching college students.


Final Words

Hopefully, you will now have a clear understanding of the route that you will have to take to reach your career destination. The job of a teacher is that of guiding the students and cast a positive influence on them. You have to act as their friend, guardian and parent to ensure the holistic development of the children.

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