August 16, 2022

Most educational disciplines in schools and universities, having set the goal of developing students’ creative thinking and writing skills, include a writing format such as essays. Students don’t like writing them and often order papers from essay writing services such as Unfortunately, they do so without thinking about the importance and value of the skills they can gain from writing essays. Let’s explore why mastering such an assignment can benefit you in life.

Five reasons essay writing will benefit your career

This type of creative writing assignment develops skills and abilities that can help build successful careers in the future. Let’s take a look at them.

Writing skills

Texts surround us in every aspect of our lives — advertising, communication, documents, books, social media posts, and public speaking. Knowing how to get your words right can cost a fortune. Moreover, writing an essay makes your language more plentiful and more concise. Imagine getting a document full of grammatical errors — it’s unlikely to impress you.

The ability to express and justify your viewpoint

Essays teach students how to reason, draw conclusions, and prove their opinions. These skills are essential to building a successful career in any field. The ability to express your opinion succinctly and concisely, presenting all arguments and evidence is more valuable than rambling and time-consuming reflections.

Analytical skills and critical thinking

Writing an essay involves gathering information and research. The student learns to analyze the collected material, evaluate it, and make inferences. As a rule, a good essay requires in-depth research and careful study of the topic. Often, you have to read 5-7 articles or sources for the sake of one argument. Finding and highlighting the main point will help you both in your work and in life in general.

Broadens your horizons

Students are assigned to write essays in almost every subject except technical ones (and even there are some exceptions). The pursuit of quality sources for essays allows you to study aspects of a subject or science on your own that the educational program does not include. Researching and exploring additional literature broadens your horizons and makes you smarter. Besides, it gives you a chance to explore things you would have never investigated. Who knows, maybe you’d love it so much that you would like to devote your career to it?

It teaches you to speak logically

An essay has a clear structure — an introduction with a thesis statement, the main body, and a summary with a conclusion. We learn how to formulate our thoughts correctly and logically on paper, which then translates into more logical speech. Expressing your thoughts according to a pattern similar to the structure of an essay sounds easy and understandable to the interlocutor.


A simple assignment hides so much in it. Students should never underestimate the goals teachers set in their education. Next time you get an essay on a topic you don’t like or decide to order it online from some services, consider how it can impact your career.

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