June 21, 2022

Buying Tanzanite jewelry is very much identical to buying art. This means that it’s a subjective choice and not something everyone will look at with the same eyes. Tanzanite jewelry is something which is an acquired taste since what is considered beautiful, stylish or appropriate differs from person to person.


But certain things like what is trending or what influencers are wearing actually impacts our jewelry buying process too. For example- you might see your best friend wearing a lovely Tanzanite pendants with pearl drop earrings at the gala, and then the next day, you bought yourself just that. These types of incidents influence our mind to make impulsive purchases. Hence it’s essential to keep track of recent fashion industry trends so that you don’t miss out on anything.


Here are five of the latest fashion industry trends that you can follow:


  1. Big And Bold Necklaces Or Pendants: In the 1970s, this fashion trend of wearing big and bold necklaces or pendants emerged. But despite that it’s still very much relevant as a trend as it was back then. You will see lots of younger women especially wearing some bold Tanzanite necklace or Lapis lazuli.


Several factors are responsible for this, but one of the most prominent factors for this is that the gemstone is highlighted much more prominently in a big, bold necklace rather than a small necklace.


In the summer seasons, this helps you stand out from the crowd and will surely be a conversation starter among your friends. For looking your best, wear a light-colored outfit with a bold Tanzanite necklace. This is because Tanzanite itself is a bit on the darker shade of blue hence wearing a light colored outfit makes sense.


  1. Pearl Necklace: This is another evergreen jewelry trend that women of all ages have been wearing for centuries. Since this is the summer season, you can wear pearls along with a medium to dark-colored outfit, and to accessories, you can try wearing a Tanzanite tennis bracelet. A tennis bracelet is something to accessorize for the hand, and you may buy one too if you are planning to go for a simple yet attractive look.


Since Tanzanite is blue in color, it will look very good in the summers, along with pearl necklaces.


  1. Animal Jewelry: Another noteworthy trend these days is the animal-themed jewelry items. There are several animal-themed necklaces, earrings, rings, and others available in stores, and younger women especially favor them. However, if you so wish, you can mix and match it with an awesome-looking Tanzanite earring.


This is because most animal-themed jewelry items are light in color and mostly made from Sterling Silver, so pairing them with a blue-colored earring like Tanzanite can enhance your overall look-up to a great extent.


Also, if you wish to reduce some of the visual bulk, you can very easily mix and match the look with other gemstones like Rubies, Sapphires and others. This is because all these stones are deep colored and hence suitable to reduce the eye’s visual bulk more effectively than others.


  1. Statement Earrings: If you are someone who is not a fan of wearing too many types of jewelry on a single occasion, then you are not alone. Many younger women prefer to wear big, bold and fashionable earrings along with a simple silver yellow gold chain necklace. That simple silver chain necklace can be a Tanzanite necklace too if you like the color blue very much.


Bold earrings draw attention to your face, so they would be great when you really want your special someone’s undivided attention towards you. Without much overthinking these bold earrings can instantly bring in the required glamor to your look and should add a few sparkles in your day-to-day fashion too.


  1. Thumb Rings: This is another noteworthy trend that most women look forward to in 2022. That trend is thumb rings. The last decade saw women wearing several stacked rings, and that trend is still very much alive. However, statement thumb rings are now in fashion. Cocktail rings, opal rings, Sterling Silver rings and others are the type of rings which are high in style now; hence women are buying them.


If you are someone who wants to chase this trend, then you can try wearing these rings with a Tanzanite pendant or Tanzanite rings on your other hand. This will help you balance the lookout so that you look good.


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