December 29, 2021

Women have adorned jewelry for a long time; it wasn’t until recently that men started wearing it with pride too.

Well, to be honest, jewelry for men has been a fashion statement for as long back as ancient Egypt. Articrafts and small statues of men have been found wearing jewelry which tells us how common it was back in the day. However, the trend in men’s jewelry died down over the years, and many even were hesitant to wear it to this date.

While some men did have the courage to sport a necklace, bracelets and rings, others were hesitant, thinking it wouldn’t look good on them. However, with the recent evolution in fashion and big stars like Harry Styles and Shawn Mendes starting to sport a few jewelry pieces along with Milan and Paris fashion weeks heavily showcasing men’s jewelry, the trend in jewelry for men is back in style.


What is some classy jewelry in men?

Like women, men also have a large variety of jewelry that they can wear with various outfits. Not only does the jewelry look good with the dress of choice, but it also elevates their overall personality. However, jewelry pieces also require some experimentation before you know what looks good on you and what you should avoid.

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If you are a guy who is planning to start wearing a few jewelry pieces, then we have a list that may help you. Below we have gathered some classy jewelry for men who will never go out of style and make you look hot.


  • Necklace:

Long gone are the days when necklaces used to be women’s jewelry because we can see some men sporting and killing the chain look on them. Have you seen Shawn Mendes? The boy is killing the chain over a shirt look, and so can you.

Necklace or chains are must-have pieces if you are a guy. However, while women usually wear longer chains, it is important that men take note of the length of their chains. Buy the one according to your preference. If you want a chain to be completely outside your shirt, then a long chain will work. However, in most instances, a shorter length chain that protrudes just above your top collar button is the look more in style.

Moreover, if you are religious, you can wear some great crosses. If you want one, you can always find real gold diamond crosses or simpler ones online or in-store.


  • Rings:

Rings have been a statement in men’s jewelry for a long time because the guys always wear one when they get married. However, why wait for a wedding when you can just sport one, nonetheless.

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Two of the most widely popular rings in men are the signet rings or the plain old bands. Both are back in fashion with a bang and are definitely here to stay. The signet rings can be worn with engravings, or a simple design will work too. Moreover, the bands can be worn plain, with initials or some fine engravings as well.

Apart from these two, some men also wear heavy stone jewelry. So if you are into rings, it all depends on which one you like to wear on occasion or for everyday use.


  • Bracelets:

By far the classiest piece of jewelry that women definitely love on men. Guys usually wear a watch on their wrist all the time, so why not add something else along with it?

A bracelet is one of the trendiest pieces in fashion right now, and it is available in a wide variety. So if you want plain black beads, a simple hand band type bracelet or beads with an initial or crown in the middle, you can find them all. Decide what you want to wear and then sport it in style.


  • Earrings:

One fashion trend that massively erupted amongst the male community was getting their ears pierced. With more and more men hopping on the piercing bandwagon, the fashion world is adjusting to it similarly. Hence, many earrings styles have been launched for men over the years. So whether you have a single piercing or dual one, you can sport a stud, small cross earrings, a hoop or any other style that you want to.

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Earrings are among the best and classiest jewelry for men, and if you sport an earring with style, you definitely will stand out in the crowd.


  • Cufflinks:

Cufflinks are small and minimalistic pieces; however, they can elevate your suit or tuxedo by a huge margin.

Usually worn in weddings, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, cufflinks come in a variety. It can either be simple or with an ornamental stone attached to it. If you feel a little quirkier, animal style or skull cufflinks are available too. In the end, it matters what your choice of style is.

However, one thing to make sure if you really want to stand out in the crowd is that your cufflink matches with other metals on your hand. So if you wear rings or are the one getting married, make sure your cufflink is in contrast with your wedding ring.



Men’s jewelry has been trending, and many men are adopting the concept. If you plan to jump to the trends, we hope our article was enough to update you about some styles and designs.

However, one major factor men can face while owning jewelry is tarnished pieces. It is nothing to worry about, and you can find ways on how do you clean your tarnished jewelry on the internet very easily.

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Here is to you, styling classy jewelry and completely changing your dressing game.


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