August 26, 2022

Cassia Obovata is a perennial herb that comes from the Fabaceae tree family. Though, many confuse it with basic henna, cassia obovata isn’t henna. While henna provides natural red/orange tones, the pigment of cassia obovata is more on the side of a yellow color. it’s been used for many years in several various ways. One of the foremost common styles of cassia obovata is in powder form which is by drying the leaves of the plant and then grinding them into a fine powder. Today we will discuss the benefits of Cassia Obovata for hair care.


Unlike henna, the time limit of the entire method is as short as fifteen to twenty minutes. The yellow tones and natural nutrients of this transfer lots faster than henna and might be mixed with a range of other ingredients. Cassia Obovata will naturally condition all types of hair, adding luster, shine, and supple definition. It’s also highly accustomed to functioning on colored or highlighted hair. The natural yellow dye given off by cassia through the chrysophanic acid will stain blonde or grey hair to more of a golden or blondish hue depending on how long you keep it. However, if it’s a brunette or black hair then you will avail the deep conditioning benefits of cassia.

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  • Here are some helpful benefits of Cassia Obovata for hair care:


  • Expresses the curls so much more

Curly-headed folks listen up! There are complaints about different hair care products removing their hair curl patterns in the long run. Avail of the benefit from Cassia Obovata. It’s perfect for those curly heads who are managing frizzy, undefined, and torn-down curls because it will help curls assemble back to their original form while making the hair soft and manageable. It is a natural hair curl powder!


  • A Natural Conditioner

The best thing about cassia is that it is suitable for all hair textures. Cassia obovata can work wonders when it is involved in the field of conditioning hair strands. It’s filled with organic nutrients that help to restore and renew the hair strands.


  • Eliminates Dandruff

Dandruff, which is caused by an excessively dry scalp, tends to decrease with the regular usage of cassia obovata. The cassia obovata, also known as NEUTRAL HENNA delivers nutrients to the scalp when mixed with water and applied as a paste. It is a very mild hair mask that is very easy to prepare and apply.


  • For Blondes out there, have more fun!

If you have blonde hair, chemically or naturally, and would love to conceal the pesky grey hair then prepare a cassia hair mask mixture and let the mask rest at room temperature for about 20 minutes before you apply it to your hair strands. Then, let the mask dry on your hair for 60-90 minutes. Wash with best organic shampoo and conditioner to reveal your uplift toned blondes and grey strands nowhere to be found.

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  • Adds Shine

Cassia also helps to bring out the shine in your hair, giving it the look of a salon makeover. Create a paste with the powder and apply it to boost shine. it’s perfect for people who constantly have dry and dull hair caused by blow dryers, styling irons, or other factors. Heat appliances can suck out the natural moisture from the strands, making them dry.


  • Adds Volume

In this fast-paced life, thinning of hair is also coming to the limelight as the water supplied by the community is harsh. either employ water filters for hair and face water or use the benefits of henna to aid in extra definition and volume to hair. It tends to help lift the hair roots to create thinning hair giving a fuller and defined look.



  • Best Organic Neutral Henna Leaves Powder for Hair

Neutral henna is additionally called Cassia Obovata or NEUTRAL HENNA. KEO is a reputed neutral henna powder manufacturer in India for the past two decades with no PPD, ammonia, artificial flavor, and contains no added preservatives. Cassia Obovata for hair care is typically used for naturally induced hair treatments. It helps in strengthening, nourishing, and volumizing the hair.

It promotes hair growth and lesser hair fall. It helps in preventing hair damage made by chemical dyes. It deeply moisturizes your hair to present it with a smooth and glossy look. It also works as a natural hair conditioner which is great as a two-in-one hair product. They buy dried cassia obovate leaves from the local market then eliminate the impurities from them and then grind them into very fine powder for you to use and avail benefits of henna.


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Blondes get hair dye benefits and brunettes get the nutritious benefits. The next time you desire to provide an additional boost to your hair along with shine to definition, it is highly recommended to go for Cassia Obovata for hair care powder by KEO.

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