November 18, 2022

Online shopping has evolved a lot in recent years. It has become more popular than in-store retail shops. Since the outbreak of Covid 19, online shopping has become more and more popular. Virtual dressing rooms are used to stand out from other industries when the industry is keen on technology in fashion.


Safe And Convenient 


Most women do not feel safe changing their dresses in the fitting rooms of retail stores or malls. Due to rising awareness of Covid-19, retailers have rolled out various safety measures in all brick-and-mortar stores. The digital dressing rooms substituting the physical stores have become the main selling point.

Improved Conversions 


Since Covid19 breakout, shoppers have started preferring virtual dressing rooms. Earlier, the in-store fitting rooms were popular because potential customers could touch and try them. But if an augmented reality fitting room does the same function within the comfort of your room, the customers have changed their preferences. A digital model needs to be selected with the same hairstyle, skin color, and body type, similar to the potential customers who want to try dresses.


Turn Casual Browsers Into Customers


When casual browsers try out features like digital fitting rooms, they get personalized services. These engaging dressing room experiences help in turning casual browsers into customers. According to a study, 66% of consumers will not purchase from the site when unsatisfied with its content.


Increase Retention And Loyalty


Through the virtual fitting rooms, retention and loyalty are increased. The order value increased with AI-powered styling. The customer data is also increased through the virtual fitting platform. Through this platform, a better understanding of the customers is also possible. It is also observed how the customers are merchandising the products, popular sizes according to the body types. The data helps retailers make informed decisions about product photography and future assortments. The tech-driven dressing rooms offer more control over the choices and convert them into a satisfying shopping experience. Whether the shirt and skirt are popular being tucked out or tucked in positions is also decided by observing the customer’s popular choices.


Prepare Your Data


The data should be prepared well, and the product pictures and videos should be nicely presented. The pictures should be taken of high quality so that it works on AI-driven platforms. Therefore, conversions, basket size, and data insights are also increased. The gap between the offline and the online experiences is decreased when the customer finds the online experience satisfying.


Build Relationship With Customers


The virtual dressing room greatly builds brand loyalty and customer relationships. As the concept is innovative, building relationships with consumers is easy.




With the help of technology in fashion, the virtual dressing room concept has become very popular. It has bridged the gap between the online and the offline experience. As customers find it safer and more satisfying to use the virtual fitting room, the crowd in the physical stores is decreasing. The virtual dressing room, therefore, is not a myth anymore. Instead, it is the future of the fashion industry.

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