January 11, 2022

Hostile to Social Club is a street wear brand established by Neek Lurk, who recently filled in as a social showcasing supervisor for Stüssy. Neek Lurk established the brand in midtown Los Angeles in 2015. In the good ‘ol days, Neek was all around informed about street wear culture and an individual from the Nike Talks gatherings. Because of his “What Did You Wear Today” string posts, he acquired some prominence. He joined Stussy due to his advantage in the streetwear scene.

Beginning as low maintenance recruit, he immediately rose through the positions to turn into the Las Vegas store’s senior supervisor and afterward Stussy’s web-based media promoting manager. The ASSC was established in 2015 through Twitter. Every year, a restricted assortment is delivered. At the point when the organizer was 27, this brand was made as an enthusiastic source for her downturn. Kirk utilized his image to adapt to his downturn. An essential cap with a logo was planned as the main item. Later its establishing, the Anti Social Club became very well known.

For what reason is Anti Social Club Popular?

The ASSC is most likely most popular for its logo, which is a serif typeface maneuvered toward a wavy structure. Highlighting intensely in ASSC’s assortments, this plan frames the brand’s establishment. ASSC is additionally known for its utilization of brilliant shadings and melancholic expressions, including “Bring me satisfaction, give me torment”, “Screw everybody, it’s only you eventually” and “Get Weird”. ASSC discharges a few assortments every year rather than occasional deliveries or legitimate assortments. During the brief time frame that the brand has existed, it has extended rapidly, and the last drop highlighted north of 60 unique things.

Collaboration between Anti-Social Social Club and other brands 

Notwithstanding the fundamental assortments, anti social social club has worked together with various esteemed brands, like Mastermind Japan, A Bathing Ape, Vans, and Modernica. ASSC’s text logo is commonly consolidated into ASSC’s joint efforts, like A Bathing Ape’s camo pullovers or Mastermind’s Skull and Crossbones logos.

Kanye West

ASSC “Psyche Games” hoodie was spotted on Yeezy at the exercise center in the beginning of 2016, starting 1,000 fake ‘AS WORN BY KANYE’ imitations to grow up all over eBay.


In 2016, G-Dragon – one of K-Pop’s greatest geniuses, and a prestigious Korean innovator – was spotted wearing the brand name dark ASSC cap, immovably building up the brand in Seoul’s flourishing streetwear scene. During his obligatory public assistance, G-Dragon is briefly changing from his ASSC cap to a green beret, which he will probably trade back to whenever he has been delivered in October.


 Where to buy Anti Social Club?

From the start, ASSC imprinted on fundamentals like , hoodies, and covers, with this type of itomes the anti social social club t shirt however the fans’ longing for anything bearing the logo extended the product offering. Regardless of all the discussion, Anti Social Club is currently at the highest point of the street wear world and keeps on working with effective and advertised brands.

This assortment was given an all-female look book for Fall/Winter accessible at Vlone.ltd. Alongside beautiful hoodies and tees and joint efforts with Playboy, it includes an unpredictable.

Anti Social Club Clothing Collection

This apparel brand discusses depression, disconnection, and psychological wellness issues and requests to the more obscure pieces of the brain. Notwithstanding the intense and despairing mottos, for example, “Self-Doubt”, “Bring me joy or give me agony”, and “Screw everybody, it’s only you eventually,” ASSC praises defect and acknowledgment of oneself. Also, the brand doesn’t deliver occasional assortments yet drops all things considered. Up to 100 distinct things can be dropped in the drop, and it’s not simply garments – everything from a garbage bin to a rice cooker with the ASSC logo will be incorporated.

Anti-Social Social Club Hypocrite Hoodie Black

Anti  Social ClubHoodie is a comfortable hoodie from the coordinated effort ASSC. The blue logo on the left chest of this hoodie shows Panda Express and ASSC. There is a kangaroo pocket on the lower body of the anti social social club hoodie.

Anti Social Social Club Dramatic Long Sleeve Tee

Long sleeve shirts with logo patterns are extremely famous. Abnormal Arrangements Longsleeve Tee by ASSC Club beats engaging logos. Anti social offers an assortment of brands with more differentiations. Get interesting plans for your colder time of year closet with these ASSC long sleeve shirts. An assortment of tones and sizes are accessible.

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