January 22, 2022

Intro: Do you like to play video games? Do you want to be scared out of your mind? If you answered yes to both of those questions, you should download the new resident evil 8 games. If you’re a gamer, you know that one of the most popular video game franchises is Resident Evil. The latest installment in the series, Resident Evil 8, was just released a few weeks ago, and many gamers are already downloading it. Here are 6 reasons why you should give it a try.

1.      Give your adrenaline a good rush:

Resident Evil 8 is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping and feel like you’re actually in the game. The game itself is not that graphic, but watching the horrific things that can happen to your character almost makes you feel like you’re actually in his shoes. Being scared while playing video games is one of the main reasons people enjoy them so much, and Resident Evil 8 does a great job of living up to its name. The new resident evil 8 game is realistic, and you can feel like you’re in action. It gives both gamers and non-gamers a chance to feel more connected to the experience. In addition, this is a good option for people who don’t have time or money to go out and do some of these adventures. You can get this game for free from 1337x that allows you to download a genuine copy of the game without paying for it.

2.      The graphics are beautiful and make for an immersive experience:

A critical aspect about Resident Evil 8 is how amazingly lifelike everything looks. The pictures in this game are way better than the graphics of previous Resident Evil games. If you want to be immersed in fun, look no further than Resident Evil 8 because it brings you right into the action. It feels like an adventure. From the water down to even the dirt and grime on the floor of the Baker’s house, every little detail has been carefully crafted. You will feel like you are right there alongside the characters as you play through what is happening to them during this horrific outbreak.

3.      The storyline is unique:

The best part about the new resident evil 8 games is that it is a continuation of the original storyline. You don’t have to worry about missing out on essential parts of the story because you haven’t played other games in the series. There are now two different stories: Now, you can play as both Claire Redfield and Barry Burton’s son, who look at their perspectives on what’s going on. It’s exciting because you are now put into the shoes of two different characters, both of who are trying to survive the outbreak that is taking place.

4.      The new weapons make it even more fun:

One of the best parts about Resident Evil games is that you can find all kinds of fun guns and use them to fight off enemies. Resident Evil 8 is no different; you’ll be able to find some super cool new weapons during your playthrough. Some examples include a flamethrower, grenades, and acid rounds. If you’re a fan of games where your character can only hold one weapon at once, then you will be surprised to see that your character now holds up to three weapons, depending on how upgraded they are. Another addition to this game is the option to upgrade your weapons at a workbench. Every time you find ammunition or money throughout the levels, you can choose what weapon you would like to upgrade and how much it costs.

5.      Not for the light-hearted:

One of the main reasons to download Resident Evil 8 should be for the super epic scary moments. This game does not disappoint in the fear factor, from jump scares to intensely disturbing zombies. Another excellent addition to this game is its gore. If you’re into really gory games, then Resident Evil 8 would be perfect for you! Now, the zombies bleed out of their bodies when shot at, allowing your character to see exactly where they are hit. They also have a much harder time walking around if they miss a pretty awesome leg.

6.      New Characters:

Not only is it pretty cool to play all different characters in the game, but it allows you to experience the game from everyone’s perspective, which can be helpful in hiding secrets or gaining weapons for when you play as your favorite character again. The storyline is intriguing – it’s about Alice trying to find her way back home after waking up from an extended coma after surviving the Hive incident. If you’re looking for a game that has fantastic graphics, exciting storylines, and some new characters to round it out – Resident Evil 8 is the one for you. She must battle against the Umbrella Corporation and new zombies created by them.


Resident Evil 8 is a game that you should download. It has excellent graphics, interesting characters, and for those who are Resident Evil fans, there are some elements from older games in this one. Not to mention the storyline is pretty good too! The gameplay is fast-paced and exciting – it feels like a new adventure every time you play!


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