November 17, 2021

Although the Bolly Game is one of the most famous games these days, it sometimes becomes difficult for new players to play this game perfectly. This way, it can cause a loss for them. Therefore, it is better to understand the concept of the Bolly game before starting your game.

This article will discuss some basics of this amazing game. So, keep reading it. Otherwise, start playing it right now by clicking here:

How To Play The Bolly Game?

Here is how you can play this game:

  1. In this game, every player is provided with cards from the deck. When there are two, three, or four players in this game, every player is given ten cards from the deck. And, when the number of players is five, each player is given six cards. When there are more than five players, two decks of cards are used, and each player is provided with seven cards. However, in a two-player game, you can use seven cards for each player.
  2. You need to select a good dealer and a scorer at the starting of the game. Then, the dealer will provide the hand cards, and the rest cards will be face-down on the center of the table (called the stock). Next, the top card will be turned upward, which will be the card of the stock. After that, the first card will enter the discarded pile.
  3. It is compulsory that the player sitting to the left of the dealer will start the game. The player has the option to pick a card from the stock or the discard pile. Moreover, the player has the opportunity to pick up a card for the hand in combination. If not, the game player will discard one card from the hand and put it on the discard pile face upward. Now, it is the turn of the second player.
  4. The next player will have the same option to pick the last card from the discard pile or even the top card from the stock. Then, he can make a combination and put cards in the discard pile. Thus, the game continues in a clockwise direction, and when the stock cards are finished, the discard pile is then shuffled and used as the stock.

Some Other Rules Of The Bolly Game:

After knowing how to play this game, you now need to know some rules of the game that will make you win the game.

  • There is no option to choose the top card from the discard pile and then again throw the card back in the pile, making any combination.
  • If you have accidentally picked up two cards from the pile, you need to put back one card, which will give the next player an extra chance. If the next player does not want it, they will put back the card in the middle of the stock and pick another card from the top.
  • When you pick up any card from the pile, never throw it away instantly. It will tell your opponent about your card sequences.

Wrapping Up!

Above are some basic concepts of the Bolly Game that the players should know before playing this cards game. Once you understand all this, you can start playing without any worry just by visiting

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