June 21, 2022


Do you have an issue with your Xbox Controller not charging? And you have no idea how to solve it?


The one positive thing you look forward to at the end of the day might be relaxing and unwinding with Xbox.


Coming home and preparing for hours of games only to discover that your Xbox Controller isn’t charged is a huge letdown.


What is the root of this issue? What are the solutions?


These are the most commonly asked questions included here. Well, let’s do what we can do as a group!


My Xbox Controller Does Not Charge. Why?

If the charging wire on your Xbox controller is broken, it will not charge.


It might be one of the most likely reasons for your gaming console controller’s battery degrading at an alarming rate.


If the recharging port (where your cable attaches) is destroyed, no electricity will be given to charging your gaming console apart from the USB-C cord.


The USB-C cable comes with a rechargeable battery if you use Xbox Play and the Charger.


Aside from the cable issue, the battery could be the root of the problem as well.


Let’s go through other reasons why your Xbox controller isn’t charging.

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  1. A problem with the Xbox battery charger: Your Xbox controller will work wirelessly; however, if your battery has a problem, it will not charge or hold power after being disconnected from the charger.


  1. Firmware for Xbox that is outdated: If the firmware on your Xbox has to be updated, it might occasionally influence whether or not your controller charges.


On your dashboard, out-of-date software can cause system faults.


  1. Internal Xbox controller components that have been damaged: Have you lately dropped your Xbox controller? If an element inside your controller is broken or damaged, the controller will be unable to charge properly.


  1. Dust accumulating in the charging port: It was previously mentioned that dust and debris in the charging port’s components could prohibit your controller from charging.


Resolving Issues

Check your USB-C charging cable and replace it if it is damaged or malfunctioning or if your Xbox controller is not charging.


Connecting your Xbox USB to a separate device will allow you to test it.

If it is working, you can ensure that your cable is in good working order.


If this is the case, you’ll need to troubleshoot your Xbox controller further.


Fix One: Hard Reset

Play and Charge Kit for Xbox One When connected to a USB port, it does not charge.

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  1. Begin by taking out the battery cover and the battery itself.
  2. Reconnect the USB cable and turn on the controller.
  3. Place a small piece of low-density foam tape in the controller’s center.
  4. Replace the batteries, if necessary.
  5. While the USB is connected, reconnect it and press the pin into the controller. This will help to assure that the fix was successful.


Note: The USB cord light turns on once the controller is turned on and takes roughly a second.


Fix Two: Switch out the Xbox battery pack

You’ll need to replace your Xbox rechargeable battery if it’s broken.


You won’t be able to use a battery if it loses its charge after being removed from the charger.


Standard batteries will eventually lose their power and need to be replaced.


  1. To remove the AA rechargeable battery from the controller, pull down the tab on the pack’s head.
  2. Replace two AA (LR6) batteries. Orient them as shown in the diagram on the bottom of the battery pack, with the positive (+) and negative (–) ends facing each other.
  3. Replace the AA battery pack in the controller and push it in to close it.


Fix Three: Install the latest Xbox Firmware

Updating the program on your Xbox will aid in the removal of any present system issues.

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This will boost speed and remove any corrupted files that might be preventing your controller from charging.


How to Update an Xbox 360 Controller:


  1. Switch on your Xbox One.
  2. On the gamepad, press the primary Xbox button.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ from the ‘Profile and System’ page.
  4. Select ‘Devices and Connections,’ then ‘accessories,’ from the left-hand menu.
  5. Select your controller and the three dots that appear.
  6. You can click ‘Update Now‘ from the left-hand side if an update is pending.


Tip: It’s worth checking if your console’s system settings are due for an update; however, this should happen automatically.


Fix Four: Switch out the Xbox controller

If your Xbox controller is damaged because of a faulty internal core, you may have to exchange it or use a spare controller if you have any.


Fix Five: Ensure that the Xbox charging port is clean

If your Xbox controller’s charging port is clogged with dust, it may be impossible to charge it.


  1. You can clean the gate by blowing forcefully on the port
  2. You also clean it using compressed air.
  3. If there is a lot of debris, carefully remove it with a toothpick (a little non-metallic object).



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When your Xbox Controller isn’t charging, try the solutions listed above. It’s better to find out first what’s causing the problem and then fix it.


It would help if you started with the top-down option, which is the simplest first.


Without a doubt, one of the solutions will resolve your issues, allowing you to relax and have an uninterrupted gaming session.


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