January 23, 2023

When dealing with alcohol addiction, keeping your mind focused, and preventing the urge to give in to temptation can be challenging. Addiction is a challenging issue to fight; however, there are several ways to support your journey to sobriety. In this article, we’ll go over ten alcohol-resistant markers that can help you stay away from drinking while your journey to recovery is ongoing.

What are Alcohol-resistant Markers?

Typically, alcohol-resistant markers are designed to be permanent and water-resistant and, as a result, can be used for a wide range of applications. Examples of such applications range from writing on glassware, ceramics to placing logos on industrial equipment. These markers work by using a specially formulated high-ink pigment in their ink that facilitates resistance to alcohol and other chemicals.

Benefits of using Alcohol-resistant Markers

Using alcohol-resistant markers can help individuals in recovery from alcohol addiction by providing a physical barrier that covers the urge to drink. Also, with these markers, you can track progress and daily activities without having to worry about your actions being erased by spillages or exposure to chemicals.

10 Best Alcohol-Resistant Markers

There are numerous alcohol-resistant markers in the market, and this can make it challenging to choose one that’s right for you. Here’s a list of ten of the best alcohol-resistant markers available:

1. Sharpie Magnum: Sharpie Magnum is a permanent marker that has been designed to leave behind bold, highly visible marks that are both smudge-resistant and water-resistant.

2. Uni-posca XL: Uni-posca XL is an alcohol-resistant marker that’s perfect for creating bold, large marks. It dries quickly and has a smooth finish that is effortless to write on.

3. Chroma Molotow: Chroma Molotow is a refillable ink marker that’s designed for both versatility and longevity. It uses a unique capillary technology that ensures the ink flow rate remains consistent throughout its use.

4. PILOT Super Color: PILOT Super Color is a fast-drying, alcohol-resistant marker that is perfect for use in environments with high temperatures. It has a low-odor formula and is highly resistant to water and fading.

5. SAKURA Solid Marker: SAKURA Solid Marker is a highly versatile and durable marker that allows you to write on almost any surface. It’s perfect for labeling, creating art, and even graffiti.

6. Krink K-60: Krink K-60 is a highly opaque alcohol-resistant marker that is perfect for creating large strokes. It’s ideal for industrial purposes and can be used on surfaces such as concrete and metal.

7. Zebra PM-701 Stainless Steel Permanent Marker: Zebra PM-701 Stainless Steel Permanent Marker is a highly durable alcohol-resistant marker that comes in an ergonomic design. It’s perfect for writing on a wide range of surfaces, including paper, metal, and plastic.

8. BIC Marking: BIC Marking is a long-lasting alcohol-resistant marker that is designed to be used on most surfaces. It has a bold, vibrant ink that dries quickly and doesn’t smear.

9. PILOT Gold and Silver Markers: PILOT Gold and Silver Markers are alcohol-resistant markers that come in metallic finishes. Perfect for creating art and craft projects such as writing on metal objects and outlining designs.

10. Industry Fine Line Markers: Industry Fine Line Markers are alcohol-resistant markers designed for use with industrial products. They are perfect for labeling and marking products within a manufacturing setting.


1. Can I buy alcohol-resistant markers online?
Yes, alcohol-resistant markers are easily available online. You can find them on various retail websites such as Amazon and eBay.

2. Are alcohol-resistant markers safe to use?
Alcohol-resistant markers are safe to use, and they are formulated to be non-toxic. However, it’s essential to be cautious with handling these markers and avoid ingestion.

3. Are alcohol-resistant markers permanent?
Yes, alcohol-resistant markers are permanent, which means that the marks they make are unlikely to smudge, fade or disappear even when exposed to alcohol or other chemicals.

4. Can I use alcohol-resistant markers for labeling food items?
It’s not advisable to use alcohol-resistant markers to label food items as the ink can be toxic when ingested. Instead, use labels or paper tags to identify the food.

5. Can I use alcohol-resistant markers on clothes?
Yes, alcohol-resistant markers can be used on clothes. It’s essential to note that the markers’ ink may fade over time, and they may not be as resistant to washing as some other surfaces such as glass or metal.


In this article, we’ve reviewed ten alcohol-resistant markers that are perfect for individuals looking to stay away from drinking. Alcohol-resistant markers provide a tangible barrier that helps to support sobriety and can be used to track progress and daily activities. With the markers listed above, individuals can be confident in their resistance to alcohol and other chemicals. Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing any alcohol-resistant marker, and implement the recommended safety precautions when using them.

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