February 27, 2023

Natural Techniques for Stronger and Longer Nails with Maby!

Who doesn’t want healthy, strong and beautiful nails? While some are blessed with naturally strong nails, others have to put a little extra effort to ensure their nails remain healthy. Strong and long nails elevate the beauty of your hands and need proper care to maintain their strength and beauty.

Maby! offers a range of natural techniques that help you maintain your nail health and keep them strong and long. From a balanced diet to adopting healthy lifestyle habits, there are several tricks that you can incorporate into your daily routine without much fuss.

In this blog, we will discuss ten such natural techniques for stronger and longer nails, which will help you achieve healthier and more vibrant nails.

1. Balanced Diet

A balanced and nutrient-rich diet plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy nails. Ensure that your daily intake of food includes sufficient quantity of iron, protein, vitamins, and minerals. A diet rich in biotin, which is a vitamin B complex, helps promote nail growth and strength.

2. Keep Them Clean

Keeping your nails clean is as essential as keeping your skin clean. Dirt, grime, and bacteria can accumulate under your nails, causing infections and weakening your nail structure. Make sure you keep your nails clean by regularly washing them with soap and water.

3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Chemicals present in nail polishes, removers, and artificial nails weaken your nails and leave them brittle. Try limiting the use of nail polish and remover and opt for natural and organic alternatives instead.

4. Moisturize Your Nails

Just like your skin, your nails also need hydration to remain healthy. Keep them moisturized by applying cuticle oil or lotion frequently. This helps in retaining the moisture and prevents your nails from becoming dry and brittle.

5. Use Gloves

Household chores such as washing dishes and cleaning can weaken your nails. Protect them by wearing gloves while doing household chores. This will prevent any exposure to water or harsh chemicals that weaken your nails.

6. Limit Nail Coloring

Nail polish is an integral part of our fashion statement, but its constant use weakens our nails. The chemicals present in nail polish and removers strip off the natural oils present on the nails, making them dry and brittle. Try limiting the use of nail polish and removers.

7. Massage Your Nails

Massaging your nails is an easy yet effective technique to promote nail growth. Massaging stimulates blood circulation that nourishes your nails and promotes growth. You can massage your nails using warm oil or lotion.

8. Avoid Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails is a common habit that not only looks unappealing but is also harmful to your nail health. Biting your nails weakens the nails, causes infections, and slows down nail growth. Try breaking this habit to avoid any damage to your nails.

9. Hydrate Your Body

Drinking enough water is vital for maintaining healthy nails. Adequate hydration ensures that your nails receive all the essential nutrients, and your nail bed remains healthy.

10. Adopt Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Your lifestyle habits play a crucial role in maintaining healthy nails. Avoid smoking, limit alcohol consumption, and prioritize getting adequate sleep. These healthy choices improve your nail, skin, and overall health.

In Conclusion

Your nails are an essential part of your appearance, and their health is crucial for maintaining overall well-being. With these ten natural techniques from Maby!, you can promote stronger and longer nails. These techniques are easy to adopt and help you in achieving vibrant, healthy nails naturally.


Q1. Can lack of sleep affect nail health?

Yes, lack of sleep can affect your nail health. Poor sleep habits can lead to stress, which weakens your immune system and slows down nail growth.

Q2. Can diet affect nail health?

Yes, diet plays an important role in maintaining healthy nails. Ensure that your diet is rich in essential nutrients such as protein, iron, and vitamins, which promote nail growth and health.

Q3. Is it necessary to use a top coat?

A top coat helps seal off your nail polish and adds an extra layer of protection to your nails. It also enhances the durability of your nail polish.

Q4. Can smoking affect nail health?

Yes, smoking weakens your nails and causes discoloration and yellowing. It also leads to a lack of oxygen circulation, which negatively affects nail growth.

Q5. Can stress affect nail health?

Yes, stress can lead to weak nails. Increased stress levels cause your body’s immune system to weaken, making your nails more susceptible to infections and breakage.

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