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There are numerous diet foods for weight loss available around us

 Hence, the choice becomes a tough one to figure out the best and most effective ones.

So let’s start with the factors which define the effectiveness of these diet foods. A most important one of them is protein.

When following a diet plan that is meant to be effective for weight loss, it is mandatory to take care of your protein inputs.

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It is one of the most important nutrients required by the human body. Other than this, it is helpful in improving metabolism, better control of appetite and also keeping a check of the weight regulating hormones.  Therefore, always check for the intake of this nutrient when consuming a food item for weight loss.

Apart from protein, there are other nutrients which are required by the human body. Now, that we are discussing weight loss not to forget about amino acids. Although many of them are manufactured within the body, several ones are to be consumed from outside sources such as healthy food items. When it comes to a vegetarian diet, the options to fulfill the needs of the body are limited depending on various factors yet they are always made available when required. What is even more surprising that many of these food items which can also be helpful in shedding weight can be found in a nearby store.

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So, some of the beneficial ones which can be effective for weight loss are:

1. Spinach

 NATURE`S GIFT Spinach Powder (400 g)

It is one of the green leafy vegetables which has protein more than a hard-boiled egg. The best way to consume it is by steaming it rather than serving it raw on the food plate.

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2. Nuts and nut butter

Alpino Natural Peanut Butter Crunch 1kg (Unsweetened / Gluten Free / Non-GMO)

Nuts are a highly enriched source of healthy fat and protein. Making it a part of your diet is definitely going to be a great choice. What’s even better is that just a handful of it is enough for a day.

3. Chickpeas

 Tata Sampann Kabuli, 1kg

These are a great source of iron. Carbs, fiber and protein along with plant compounds that are beneficial for health and weight loss as well.

4. Quinoa

NourishYou Organic Indian White Quinoa, 500 gm Pack

These gluten-free grains are rich in proteins and are also enough to keep you full for a long day. This helps you from overeating and which is helpful in controlling appetite and eventually in weight loss. 

5. Shakes and smoothies

Intoxicake Winidoc Superfoods- Smoothie Mix- Strawberry
 Amazon Brand - Vedaka Premium Green Moong Whole / Sabut, 1 kg

Well, many have thought that lentils can only be served in their most common form as daal. However, they can also be taken in salads and soups as well. They contain gradually digested carbs and fiber which are eventually helpful to reduce weight.

7. Almonds

Rostaa Premium Classic Almonds Value Pack, 1000 g

Believe it or not, but these are natural weight loss pills with no side effects ever. They are rich in amino acids which are helpful in burning carbs and fats, especially during workouts. 

8. The collard greens

 National Gardens Morris Heading Collards Green Vegetable Seeds (Pack of 30)

Though it is majorly assumed that this green leafy vegetable is prepared in bacon, it is just an assumption. They are not just good to lose weight but have other added nutrients as well. This good and green vegetable has only 10 calories in one big leaf and comes with loads of fiber. You can consume it in your wraps or as a part of your veggies. And when steamed this weight loss food tastes better than ever.

9. Broccoli

Souperb 100% Organic Tomato Beetroot Soup, Broccoli Spinach Soup, Pumpkin Soup Combo | No Preservatives | 15 Servings
AARKAY All Fresh Sweet Corn Soup Instant Premix (1 Kg)

Yes, a perfect meal for weight loss has a bowl of soup as a regular part of it. That’s because when you consume the same nutrients in different manners, you actually stick to your diet plan for longer. This helps you win over the boring taste of weight-loss food, which some of us might develop over time.

However, in this busy schedule when cooking is not an option but sticking to the plan is, the one can consider the  Nutrasphere Trimaid Soup For Weight Loss. This is a fat burner soup which does the trick for you to lose weight in the most natural way. It contains several bio active ingredients which are helpful in losing extra weight.

Greeniche Weight Management Natural and Herbal Garcinia Cambogia Extract - 90 Veg Capsules

The natural extracts of Guar gum which is a component of this are helpful in keeping the person full which is beneficial to keep control on appetite. There is no added sugar in it. It is free from gluten, soy, fat and any preservatives which makes it a completely great soup to consume which is healthy and vegetarian as well.


Now that you have collected the best of vegan foods to lose weight in the most natural way possible, it would be great to devise a plan for all of these. Of course, you can’t have them together in one meal, so the best is to spread the elements of healthy magic across your diet plan of the week for best visible results in the minimum time possible.

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