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June 9, 2020

5 Delicious and Healthy Grubs for Weight Reduction (Stated by Registered Dietitians)

Without fading that Smile, we will Cut those carbs in style.

There is no shortcut to a flat belly or a thinner waist. You work hard, you eat right and give it time. Going from fat to flat, is tough, but not impossible. What you eat, when you eat, how you eat, everything is essential to keep in mind.

Good and healthy food along with a little body workout, helps you detox naturally. The difference is visible not only in your weight but on your skin and your mood as well. It usually starts making you feel exhilarated, which helps in hustling harder towards goal.

A healthy diet should not be restrained under the mere definition of looking hotter. It helps you in keeping your body diseases free and proper functioning of your inner systems.

If by this time, you are motivated enough, let us head towards the 5 tasty carb cutters.

• Raspberries

Flyberry Gourmet Raddest Raspberry

What better way to start your health drive, if not with fruits?

Raspberries, the delicious, red, juicy, fiber-rich fruit, boost your metabolism with the mere 64 calories a cup. Fiber-rich grub helps in revving metabolism and burn a few extra calories.

Better suited with:

• A cup of fine Greek Yogurt,

• Oats, or

• Leafy green veggies viz. Spinach, etc.


• Reduces risk of chronic diseases

• Protects skin from skin cancers

• Powerful antioxidant

• Avocados

Healthy Muse, Avocado Oil, Cold Press, Chemical Free Oil, 271° C Smoking Point for Heat Cooking, Frying and Baking


The king of healthy food, Avocados, is the next best thing for a healthy carb cutting.

Avocados are beneficial in almost everything. What salt is to delicious food, avocados is to health rich diet. Covered in light green bean, you split it in two, to start your antioxidant journey.

Avocados are carbohydrates with fiber, going hand in hand. 1/3rd of Avocado provides 11% of our daily fiber needs. According to Zeigler, ‘Avocados contain monounsaturated fat, which is commonly known as good’ fat and is essential for a healthy heart.

Best suited with:

Avocados are usually eaten alone, without the need for any extra supplements, but they are very useful in cooking healthy food. Avocado oil, Mashed avocados, etc. are used to make delicious diets.


• Reduce the risk of heart disease

• Reduction in bad cholesterol

• Artichokes

Sarwar Artichoke Heart in Braine

Artichokes, best when marinated in a little olive oil and added to salads, or lightened pasta.

“It contains more fiber than any other vegetable,” says Zeigler. They are loaded with antioxidants.

Best suited with:

• Salads

• Pastas


• Promotes weight loss

• Lowers inflammation 

• Pistachios

Happilo Premium IR Roasted & Salted Pistachios

Can you even think of better healthy dry fruit? Salty Enough to keep intact your taste buds and yet healthy. It is the lowest calorie snack with the lowest fat in them. 1 Kernel of Pistachio is four calories. Pistachios are usually best eaten alone.


• Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar

• Promotes weight loss

• Beneficial for eye health

• Water

Well, hydration goes hand in hand with a healthy diet. There is nothing like ‘too much hydration’. Daily consumption of 7-8 liters of water is most beneficial than any other antioxidant. It boosts fiber intake and helps extremely in weight loss.


• Softens stool allows proper digestion

• Banish bloating

So here are 5 essential health supplements that will help you go from fat to flat. Accompany them with more fruits and juicy elements along with body workout. Remember, there is no shortcut to perfect curves, but the road can be made easy with little knowledge about your nutritional intakes.

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