November 20, 2021

No matter what activity you do, there is a risk that you will be injured while working. Whether you are a white collar or a blue-collar worker, while working, you are necessarily exposed to the risk of an injury. Knowing this is already a good way to protect yourself. Below, check out three of the most common and frequent work injuries.

Hand Injuries

Hand injuries are the most common work injuries while working. The first people affected are obviously the blue-collar workers. Statistics say that, in Canada, one worker in 10 has been injured while working during working hours. Cook and machinists who are working in the transport sector are the trade body who are most exposed to hand injuries in the workplace. To regain the use of your hands after a serious work injury, you should contact a specialist in hand surgery.

Injuries can be related to sport, precisely the ones related to an activity such as gymnastics or boxing. You can also cut, burn or fracture your hand during your working hours. Only an expert can help you regain your manual destitution after a hand injury.

Lower Back Injuries

Lower back injuries and pains in your back can affect not only manual workers but also those working in companies. It is important to note that lower back injuries related to real illnesses are rare. Indeed, the percentage of back pain originating from cancer, a hernia or a fracture is rather low. Therefore, the majority of lower back injuries have other causes. So, spending long hours in the office sitting in the same position is not ideal. At the same time, it is just as dangerous to put too much strain on your back at work. As that can be the case if you are engaged in an activity that requires you to often bend down or carry heavy loads. The best way to deal with the lower back pain is to find the right balance between physical activity and rest.


Lower Limb Injuries

Many people are required to stay on their feet for long hours at work during working time. This is the case with cashiers and even health workers. Knee problems, joint inflammation and varicose veins are the most common work injuries. To reduce the risk of these kinds of injuries, you can start by choosing comfortable shoes. Shoes that are not too tight fitted and that are not too wide. If your job requires that you keep a standing position, consider sitting down for a few minutes when you have the opportunity.


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