February 25, 2023

5 Compelling Reasons Why Post-Surgery Physiotherapy is a Must


Surgeries come with a lot of stress, both for the patient and their families. Regardless of the type of surgery, the patient will need to undergo a recovery period that typically includes physiotherapy. The physiotherapy process is crucial to the post-surgical healing process, as it helps to restore strength, mobility and flexibility to the muscle tissues, joints and ligaments. In this post, we will discuss reasons why post-surgery physiotherapy is essential for an optimal rehabilitation process.

1. To Reduce Pain and Discomfort

The post-operative period can come with a lot of pain, discomfort and tightness, which can impede the body’s healing process. Physiotherapy exercises help to reduce pain and discomfort by improving circulation, boosting flexibility and strengthening the muscles surrounding the surgery area.

2. To Regain Movement

Post-surgery physiotherapy helps to restore movement, agility and flexibility. The physiotherapist teaches the patient various exercises and movements that work to improve range of motion, flexibility and overall physical fitness. This also helps to keep the patient’s muscles from contracting or becoming rigid.

3. To Speed up the Healing Process

The recovery process can take a long time, depending on the type of surgery. However, one of the best ways to speed up the healing process is through physiotherapy. Physical therapy helps to improve blood flow to the surgical site, which accelerates the healing process.

4. To Prevent Further Injury

Post-surgery physiotherapy is essential for preventing secondary complications and injuries. Without proper physiotherapy, a patient could experience muscle atrophy, which can lead to muscle weakness, reduced bone density, and other complications. Physiotherapy helps to reduce the risk of these complications and ensure a healthy recovery.

5. To Facilitate Successful Recovery

Physical therapy helps to improve the chances of a successful recovery. This is because physiotherapy is designed to address specific recovery goals, such as reducing pain, restoring range of motion, regaining mobility and regaining strength. These goals help to ensure a successful recovery with minimal complications.


1. Who needs post-surgery physiotherapy?

Any patient who has undergone surgery and needs rehabilitation can benefit from post-surgery physiotherapy. The type and intensity of the physiotherapy sessions will depend on the type of surgery and the patient’s overall health.

2. How long does post-surgery physiotherapy take?

The length of time required for post-surgery physiotherapy will depend on various factors, including the type of surgery, the patient’s overall health, and the goals of the rehabilitation process. Typically, physiotherapy can last from six weeks to six months.

3. What happens during a physiotherapy session?

During a physiotherapy session, the specialist will work with the patient to perform various exercises designed to aid in recovery. This can include stretches, massages, muscle stimulation, and other exercises that improve mobility, flexibility, and overall physical fitness.

4. How can I find the right physical therapist for post-surgery rehabilitation?

Speak with your surgeon or physician and ask for a referral to an accredited physiotherapist who specializes in post-surgery rehabilitation. Alternatively, you can carry out research independently and find a qualified physiotherapist online.

5. What should I expect during the recovery process?

The recovery process will depend on various factors, including the type of surgery, the patient’s overall health, and the goals of the rehabilitation process. Patients should expect to attend physiotherapy sessions regularly, perform exercises to aid the healing process, and take medications or supplements as prescribed by their doctors.


Post-surgery physiotherapy is essential for optimal rehabilitation and recovery. It helps to reduce pain, improve mobility, speed up the healing process, prevent further injuries, and facilitate successful recovery. If you have undergone surgery, speak to your surgeon or physician to ensure you receive the appropriate post-surgery physiotherapy and follow-up care. It is essential to note that post-surgery physiotherapy helps to promote and ensure a smooth recovery, improves patient outcomes, and promotes physical health overall.

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